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  1. Hey, I am completely new to emulation, not tech savvy at all (never even used the command prompt before), know absolutely nothing about programming, and I am struggling hardcore with everything. I am practically drowning in information and don't really know where to start. That being said, here is where I'm at so far: I downloaded and installed MAME64 for Windows 10, I believe it is the most current version 0.222b. It's completely stock, just the folders and files that come in it. I have also downloaded and installed LaunchBox. I synced MAME64 and LaunchBox up (not sure if I did it the proper way, but I do know that it works because I downloaded and installed one single rom to see if it would work, and it did; I was able to run and play the rom). I have searched and searched for a bezel setting to enable, because all the videos on YouTube I have watched, they have a Bezel option in their video settings. I do not have that. I have read other forums, and they talk about creating ini files, lay files, and cfg files, and I don't know what those are and have no idea how to create them or edit them. All I have really managed to do thus far is download a bezel pack (1941.zip) from this site and put it in the artwork folder of my MAME64 folder. I first left it in its zipped form, that did nothing, and then I tried unzipping it and still it did nothing. I really have no idea what I'm doing, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Again, this is the very first time I have ever dealt with emulation, and I have no real understanding of the techy stuff, so I need an idiot's guide to how to do this. I'm super frustrated because watching the videos, it all looks super easy, but then I try to do exactly what is done in the videos and I encounter not having the same options available or even having the same folders or files that that person is using, so it makes it really hard to follow when what they have is not matching up with what I have. I'm sorry for needing help with something so simple, but after trying to figure it out on my own, I realize I definitely need some help. On a side note, is it possible to download a version of MAME that is pretty much all put together and ready to go, obviously minus all the roms, bios, and chds? Just basically, MAME's folder structure all put together with all the real tech savvy stuff already done and additional files, be they ini, lay, cfg, put in the proper locations so that bezels, hiscore, cheats, and all that good stuff are enabled and pretty much ready to go. All the end user would have to do is populate it with roms, bios, chds, samples, bezel packs, and so on, and then be responsible for keeping it updated. If there is something like that, I'd be very interested. Anyways, thank you for any and all the help that you guys can provide. I really appreciate it.
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