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  1. Update: Everything is working once again again I did nothing different from when it wasnt working last night to today How friggen strange! I can access all sites once again! I thought I was going to have a heart attack
  2. thanx for the tip but that was already tried yesterday(the flush dns) while I was on the phone with tech support still no help I will look into the opendns thing though anyone have a contact email for hyperspin for me though? I would like to know if they did any updates recently that couldve caused this since everything was working for weeks up until a few days ago!
  3. Update: Okay I called my isps tech support line and this is what I was told on this whole issue.... Basically there is a DNS problem on hyperspins end.... Its not updating my info or something like that... When typing www.hyperspin-fe.com into the browser window I get a DNS error message(the ones you typically see with a bad link).. When pinging hyperspin-fe.com through the command line shell an error message also pops up.... I then typed in the ip address of hyperspin(according to what tech support said it was) and the apache welcome page showed up.. I was told this is common on sites that are mirrored etc etc... Because I was able to access that apache web site through a ping aswell as through a browser by using the numbered ip address tech support said its gotta be a problem on hyperspins end...... Does anyone know if they updated somethign major in the past few days? mayby whatever they did now no longer allows me access BTW LOL the guy at tech support can access the page just fine he said though dns servers are different in areas.... I am in Northeast Pennsylvania and he was in New Hampshire... Any suggestions to this problem? Does anyone have an email address to tech support @ hyperspin etc etc?
  4. okay today I was able to access the ftp @ emumovies with no problems again not changing any settings.... this morning I could not access though either www.emumovies.com OR http://emumovies.com...'>http://emumovies.com... when I got home form work viola I can access http://emumovies.com I still CANNOT access Hyperspin though I have no idea what to do I have rebooted my modem and router reset the computer as well as use both firefox and windows explorer its just frustrating cause at the moment I only go to like 4 websites ad two of them I cannot seem to access which I never had problems in the past to do so.....
  5. what the hell is going on than? everythign was workign fine last night havent changed any settings I still cannot acess the ftp here at emumovies I get this error message.... [12/21/2009 12:47:07 AM] Can't resolve "ftp.emumovies.com". Network connectivity was detected. Check the spelling of the server name or contact the server administrator. now I just rebooted my computer and rebooted the modem and still get the message.... Any suggestions are much appreciated.... I also can get into other ftp accounts(non video game related) so something is def wrong... For the first part I am still having problems accessing hyperspin so if anyone could help me out... I get a dns error(like the web page doesnt exist) when trying to access hyperspin... coincidentally I get the same error message when I try to go to http://www.emumovies.com the only way I can get here is by omiting the www(tried that for hyperspin but to no avail this is driving me absolutley batty!
  6. It says any discussion so I figured asking here would be a perfect place to start!!!.. Does anyone else belong to the hyperspin forum? www.hyperspin-fe.com I cannot get into the main website let alone the forums? anyone else have this problem? Anyone else know whats going on with it? I also cannot get into the ftp here at emumovies. That I added to another post was anyone having similar issues today? Yesterday no problems at all ARRGH!!
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