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  1. I'm trying to sync videos and I have a LOT of videos missing. Especially "O" I'm missing so many I don't think it's possible that many have not been made. When I'm trying to sync videos I get info that there is no new media. Maybe I'm screwing something up? I can't find any easy tutorial how to use Hypersync cloud so it's all trial and error for me. P.s. Should I make my own thread? EDIT: I read posts above and I tried different XML and that seemed to fix it.
  2. I'm trying to find video for Hyperspin Main Menu for MAME and there is so much content intertwined with all sort of previews that I don't know if its previewing the theme and how it looks like with video or video and how it looks like embedded into theme. It's very frustrating. I just want multi arcade video other than Street Fighter which I hate or one that has nothing but sidescrollers. Is there video that features a lot of early 80's Atari/Williams/Namco? Thank you
  3. Ha! What do you know, they're there, but it's a little bit confusing on the page you have linked to. I have been there before and I assumed that the download button is to download the video that is visible on that page. It never occurred to me that download is actually a link to another page with more choices (talking about more choices, wish there was some kind of preview to give me idea what is what instead of just downloading blindly) Anyway thanks for the reply
  4. I'm too cheap and don't see myself paying, but I have time and patience to make my own videos for games I like. What is the best way to make my own high quality videos for MAME and other systems, and maybe intros as well since no one is responding to my other thread. EDIT: Nevermind my question, it's all right there in pinned thread about submissions!
  5. Is there any other MAME intro movies than the ones that start with SF2? I never really liked that game it doesn't do anything for me really and it's basically the part I see the most because HS starts with it every time. Maybe there is something that starts with Atari games perhaps? Anyone knows? TIA
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