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  1. So, if I upload a pack to the submit media section and then add to it over time will the added files make it into the sync? Or how is this handled? I see that some people update their pack over time and other people submit games as individual entries as they go along. Is one of these methods (or another one) easier for whoever (Circo?) to work with in regards to the content making its way into the sync?
  2. I think I'm going to hit up DOS (if no one else has it called?). I have an extremely comprehensive DOS collection and installing it LB I noticed there are barely any clips for it at all.
  3. Hey all! First I just want to say thank for you this project because it's fantastic. I spend a lot of time working on my front end setup and it's been a pleasure to see all the video snips from this database running in it. Next up, I want to say that I would really like to contribute to the database myself and I'm looking for clarity on how to best do so. I'm good with recording and editing software (I already do this sort of thing) and I have what I think is an ideal format worked out*; What I'm not sure on is where to upload the snips so they can be reviewed (is that how this works?) an
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