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    Circo has done good work with this the majority of these, but some are either replaced with a creepy looking video message that the game doesn't work or the game looks like it was dropping some frames during capture and the audio was distorted. It was also frustrating that some of the files had many duplicates. I don't understand the file upload process, but these files take awhile to download and I noticed that these files could be smaller if the files were cleaned up a bit. Parts 1 and 2 have several of the same ones available. In fact it would seem Part 2 is a more complete version of Part 1. I've been setting up BigBox and have been having trouble finding PS2 video snaps, so I'm very thankful that somebody took the time to do this. Gathering 1000s of videos like this would take a lot of effort and capturing video like this would require a beefy PC; so I'm totally grateful for somebody that would do this so I wouldn't have to create my own video captures. My review is purely based on the quality of the work done here. If you want to save time and not capture your own video snaps or don't know how to, I would still recommend Circo's work.
    I absolutely loved these. They all mesh so well with a few others I found on Launch Box's forums. Thanks for uploading this. This really enhances the look and feel of the games and makes them look so much more attractive. The only complaint I have is for the Ultimate Spider-man video. Graphic art is gorgeous but the video seems to have some sort of audio stutter to it which is very distracting.
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