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  1. Thanks for the update! I will wait until a whole set is finished to download it : )
  2. Hi there, it´s been a while since my last visit here. I would like to know about the status on the Mame video set. is it complete? If so, for what version? I couldn´t find this information on the site. Thanks.
  3. It worked fine, thank you very much! I will even support USA on the World Cup for this ;D Ps: HOLY SHIT! Just now I realized that we are on the "Mame .137 Video Set" thread. All this time I thought we were on the thread I had created about renaming roms. Sorry, feel free to delete the posts >_<'
  4. This looks like ROM Lister. A good starting point but not very good if you don´t know the games by the name.
  5. Actually that would be amazing. I would probably edit the folders created by ranking.ini before running it and the thing would actually works almost like the "delete" function that I so want and does not exists on Mame. Because separete the games I want on folders on MameUI is easy. Hard is to match those games with their real zip file name on a large scale, and a script like this would solve the problem.
  6. I´m using Maximus Arcade : / Tried many front-ends but always kee coming back to Maximus. Well, I think it will be okay doing the kamikaze way of just keep the roms related to the videos. I´ll just wait for the 0.137 video romset be completed and try it myself. And thanks again for the replies. I appreciate!
  7. No dude, I totally appreciate your help. I thought only Circo could answer my question about the video files naming scheme because I thought he was the dude creating all of them. The problem is that I don´t know how to use the information on the MameUI .ini files(like Rankings.ini) to actually do something about the files. I can open and create them on MameUI, divide them on folders as I like, but there´s no option to, for example, delete all files related on that folder. That´s the source of my problem. If there was a way to, like, right click on the "0 (not working)" folder that Ranking.ini creates on MameUI and choose 'delete' it would sure be a blessing. ps: I always make this kind of thing on copies, sure. Hmn, then it should work. I would only have to copy the BIOS files from the safety backup after the cleanup.
  8. I´ve used ROM Lister some time ago but the 'list method' of just hiding from the emulator or front-end doesn´t quite work for me, as I´m always rebuilding the list and tweak it everytime is a pain. I just prefeer the old and good delete method : ) Actually I even did some batch files on ROM Lister to delete the roms that I didn´t wanted listed, but there are so many more that I don´t want and can only know by looking to the video preview. I have not deleted anything yet. I have the 0.137 romset that I´m using with the 0.128 video set as I await for the 0.137 video set to be completed. After it is finished I´m going to download it all at once, do the manually filtering that I mentioned on the other post and FaMatch it with the 0.137 romset. I don´t plan to update the romset (and neither the videos) ever again after this. I´m a player more than a collector when it comes to emulation. You know, one nice romset with matching snapshots and videos and I´m hooked for life ;D About my questions regarding the naming method of the videos, only Circo can answer me that? I mean, the -is there a individual video file named after each clone? -if not, are the video files named only after the parent rom, even if only the clone works (I don´t know if this is common, maybe I´m making a big deal of something that is very rare)? -do bios have individual video files? By the way, thanks for the quick reply!
  9. I´m not tight on storage space. The main reason I want to clean my romset is because it annoys me to have my front-end list filled with bad or not working titles. It would be easy to delete'em if MameUI (or any front end) had some kind of shortcut to delete the games you don´t want of the list, but there isn´t. The only way would be to check the zip file name of each game, search for them on the roms folder and delete manually, which is too much work on a full romset. Using my method (filter the games by the videos and then use FatMatch) is easier because: -The simple fact that the video exists means that the game works -By the video preview it´s easier to spot the games that I don´t want to keep (better than judge only by the screenshot or playing one by one) -Games that doesn´t have 100% matching videos probably doesn´t work or are clones, and I don´t want´em My only grip with this method is that I don´t know if the last item I stated is true, and that´s why I´ve asked. I don´t even know which 'broken' parent games have a working clone, but I´ve read that they exist. I´m not sure how much I´m going to lose if I just wipe out all the games whose parent doesn´t work/have video. If it is just a few games and nome of them are 'classics' I don´t bother at all deleting them, but I really have no idea of the situation. Also, using this method I would delete the bios files because they don´t have matching videos (or do they?), but in the worst case I can manually add´em later. All this trouble just because there isn´t a "delete rom" on the right click menu of MameUI or front-end! LOL
  10. Nice! I'll keep coming back. One more question: How are you naming the video files? I mean, when the game is only one zip the video will be the same name, but when the game has clones, are you: a) always naming the video file after the parent game zip b) naming the video file after the parent zip or after the working clone zip on those games that a clone works but the parent does not c) naming the video with the same name as the parent zip and also making a copy of the video for every clone name I ask this because the best method I´ve found to clean my romset with only the games that I like is to: 1) Watch the video files and delete the ones that I don´t like 2) Use FatMatch on "reverse mode" to move all the roms that doesn´t have a 100% matching video to another folder 3) Delete the moved roms folder This method worked great on a small sample that I did, but I´m not sure that it will work fine on the entire romset and it is too big to track the results. Also, do you have a video file for each bios files? That would help. Sorry to bother. >_<'
  11. Is there any chance of the whole romset videos are done before 2011?
  12. I mean, a torrent of the romset you used, to make shure the videos are going to match 100% of the roms. Or at least indicate where to get.
  13. GREAT news! I gonna wait until you finish the whole set. I believe it will take a while, but it definetely is going to be the ultimate arcade video collection. After you finish, can you please make a torrent or something of the exact set you used for making your videos? Thanks and good work.
  14. @ Circo Hi, is there any release date expected for the final 0.136 set? Is it the top priority project of EmuMovies? About the other formats, isn´t it just make the [HQ] and them batch convert´em to [sQ] and/or FLV?
  15. That´s what I was going to say. It would be more fair use their native resolution. You're doing the Mame 0.136 videos on both formats, right?
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