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  1. Circo, did you possibly put them into the wrong FTP folder? The SQ ones are in the right folder, but the HQ ones are under Video Themes (HQ) instead of Video Snaps (HQ).
  2. So I logged out and back in again, and am back to my account. It appears some sorta cached token on the web server or something was authenticating me as Circo. I wonder if this is happening to anyone else.
  3. I am also listed as a basic member. I purchased a lifetime subscription on June 3rd, was able to connect to FTP and via HyperSync for a few days, then after the site/ftp went down and back up again, I am unable to connect to FTP, etc and am listed as a basic member again. I have the confirmation email from emumovies with the invoice number, and the money has been taken from my bank account. I opened a support ticket almost 48 hours ago and have not had any response yet.....
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