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  2. Howdy EM, I’m a Rhode Islander living in Texas with our family of 4. We’re a long way from home but really like it here. I just joined up to finish out my cabs Hyperspin convert. I ran GameEx for a few years but really like HS more. I’ll be joining up to run ftp but want to try some dl of game art and see how big this project is going to be first. Started this journey a few years back when our son wanted to know what video games were like when I was a kid. Playing arcade games in pizza parlors back in the day was great! My brother & I hacked around on a Atari 800 and had a blast playing the classics using bulletin boards to get games. Pre-internet for the old schoolers. I've got an old Street Fighter cab converted to Mame and console play. I also made a sitdown Pole Position converted cab to play Mame. PP, Out Run, Super Sprint, Tempest... it's pretty awesome. It even has an old school Alpine deck that plays CDs! I have another cab I'm building with the mother load Gateway Destination 36 monitor. It's a beast but looks great running Mame and the themes in HS. I'm going to make a custom showcase/ pedestal cab. I'm a graphic designer that’s worked in tv for quite some time. I‘ll be posting some artwork on the HS ftp soon. I did some really cool video pinball artwork for Dazz and he'll have his Twilight Machine on display at the Texas Pinball Convention later this month. I'll post some pics after the event. Thanks to Circo for making this a great website and sharing the wealth amongst the fanatics! All the best! Josh
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