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  1. Good idea either way, so I did that. I did hear back at the launchbox forums: If you do not delete the media and reimport the same games you deleted Launchbox will attach those existing media files. Just be sure to uncheck the download media options when you import the game. Launchbox will not duplicate games (unless you choose the option to force it to). It will see they are already there and not add them again. Even though the mame full rom set importer does not really import anything it will not list a game twice so you should have no issues. So it should just add the remaining games. Retro808
  2. I have the premium Launchbox and also EmuMovies account. I'm downloading the videos for a 63 GB MAME rom set. If I delete my games, and reinstall them...do I have to download all the videos again, or does it load them from my files? Thank you!
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