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  1. Probably Arcadians, Monsters! or Dogfight on the BBC Micro.
  2. Hi everyone, I have just joined the forums, but have been around for a while. DLed all the avi intros when i used Maximus, i'm in the process of upgrading my emulation PC, and moving to Hyperpsin. It works at the moment but i'm going for dual core to get the best out of it. Went to get the flvs, so i can change my rom names to no intro and realised all had changed here. Nearly finished my cabinet, it's based on Blankas Retrospace. I'm having so much fun tinkering around with my cabinet and the emulator/computer side, i have learnt loads over the past month, what a great hobby. My Wii and Xbox are gathering dust. Although, i am using the wireless xbox controllers for PJ64. Having to wait to get on the FTP though, it's full the whole time Game on!
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