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File Comments posted by BlaketheElder

  1. I addressed this in my DIY Toolkit submission. I have more than two hundred manuals that I alone am archiving. If I want to finish them in any amount of time, doing it like this is much faster. I can go back and create digital booklets of some of the better manuals, but this is incredibly time consuming. If anyone cares for these manuals, I left instructions in the toolkit for how to crop and tilt them for lossless quality. As for for naming, are you referring to this submission? I clearly mention the name, status as a manual, system, and Do-It-Yourself (meaning not cropped or level), and always add the tags.

  2. I don’t alter anything about the tracks. I submit them exactly as they were ripped. I do notice the Music holders didn’t bother localizing them on disc, but I think it’s more authentic to keep them as they are, so it’s the same experience  as if any of you were to rip the disc by yourself. And it also keeps me from making a mistake. The English names are printed on the JPGs, so if anyone is inclined to rename them, they have a source. The same applies to myself.

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