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  1. I downloaded firezilla, but unable to connect directly to the host. I placed the correct host, and port, as per ftpdetails. Under password, I placed my forum password, but it appears to not be connecting.
  2. I'm having trouble with the emusync ap, and downloading it from the site. Im a life time supporter, but when I search via the sync ap, it only picks up Guilty Gear Isuka, SushiBar, and Fist of the NorthStar for Atomiswave
  3. Hello, I just recently joined, and got the paid packages for both launchbox, and Emumovies. I followed a youtube video for setting up emumovies with mame, and on the video the process says that this could take up to 4 hours. I left it on overnight and it is only a 10th of the way through? Is this normal? Can anyone offer some insight?
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