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  1. Once again, this was Alibaba trying to scam ppl.
  2. No i submitted this for a front box to a hack.
  3. You can't call this this copyright as Alliexpress made this cover for this hacked illegal cart. I'm new so if you already had it, don't dumb on me. 😕
  4. I found out if you just select a rom and use edit, you can re-scan, it will now choose your pro options. And you are welcome, best money my ex-wife has ever spent. I kid I kid. She is not my ex yet. 😛
  5. Oh you just did something in the pipes. You show off person...haha
  6. When I try to upload my photo, it then shows three vertically when I try to crop, and then when I just simply say it's fine without doing a thing, it's blank. Anyone else have this issue?
  7. Now that I can download movies and such, do I have to remove and rescan my Launchbox consoles to haven them include the additions that EMUMovies features? Or is their a workaround, such as adding a single new rom to force it to rescan or something? Thanks. And it's good to be here!
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