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  1. Once again, this was Alibaba trying to scam ppl.
  2. You can't call this this copyright as Alliexpress made this cover for this hacked illegal cart. I'm new so if you already had it, don't dumb on me. 😕
  3. I found out if you just select a rom and use edit, you can re-scan, it will now choose your pro options. And you are welcome, best money my ex-wife has ever spent. I kid I kid. She is not my ex yet. 😛
  4. Oh you just did something in the pipes. You show off person...haha
  5. When I try to upload my photo, it then shows three vertically when I try to crop, and then when I just simply say it's fine without doing a thing, it's blank. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. Now that I can download movies and such, do I have to remove and rescan my Launchbox consoles to haven them include the additions that EMUMovies features? Or is their a workaround, such as adding a single new rom to force it to rescan or something? Thanks. And it's good to be here!
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