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  1. Hi Everybody ! My name is Oliver and i'm from Montreal Canada. Videogames are a big part of my life, same thing with music and movies. The retrogaming world is making me very happy because I can go back to these so precious moments... You know... Those moments we all shared in front of a TV screen, smashing buttons and forcing joysticks ! I'm 35 so I was like 4 or 5 when my cousin's Atari 2600 hit me like a truck ! I was so amazed to see these big blocky sprites moving in the TV ! And I was controlling them ! But the thruth is that my parents were not very rich and they were taking care of 4 kids so it's a lot of expenses. I ain't complaining ! I was lucky because I had a lot of cousins and friends with a video game console or a computer at their home. So with the time I was rapidly introduced to the Intellivision, Colecovision, the legendary C64, then the NES back in 1986. In 1987 I was graduating at my primary school and I received like 200$ from the Director as a congratulation prize because I was what they called at that time a nerd... With that 200$, I didn't had enough to go out and buy a NES but someone at my school was trying to sell his Sega Master System... 190$ for a Master System and 3 games was a good deal in my book so in less than 30 minutes my money was gone ! WOW ! I can remember all the good times ! At 16 years old I started working in a grocery store so in one year I was able to buy a Genesis, SNES, Turbografx and an Amiga 500. All my money was spent on videogames and music albums ! I had to keep it secret because for my parents videogames were not a good match with school... Anyway, I was good at school so I was very lucky ! But the problem was that their was like so many games coming out at that time for every consoles that it was impossible to play them all ! Games were expensives and renting some of them was the only solution. At that time it was very hard to find used or preowned games. Long story short... With the retrogaming world we can now go back and play all these games we missed or all the ones we played for days ! Thank you EmuMovies and Hyperspin ! Thank you very much to all the gaming community on these sites because their contribution is priceless ! I wan't to appologize for my bad english because I speak english, french and polish so sometimes I get the wrong word ! Sorry for that !
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