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  1. Hope all had an excellent Thanksgiving day.

  2. ok did the delete cookie thing, still having the problem.
  3. Hey why does every thing I click in the forums here bring up a username and password dialog box? I'm already signed in... I click cancel and it goes through but it is really annoying I'm using Opera 10 browser btw.
  4. Hello. My name is Charlie. I'm 39 yrs old from NJ, USA. I've been using emulators since the dawn of time ;-) Remeber NeoRageX and Multiple Gauntlet Emulator? Good stuff. I currently have a working MAME / Daphne cab that was a 198x Burgertime cabinet. Lots of body work and paint and she has a new life. I also have a 2nd mame cab out in the garage with body work being done. That one was a very old Galaxian clone game. Then there is my SNK P.O.W. cabinet that is in the workshop currently running a NeoGeo MVS 1 slot board. Other hobbies include playing electric bass and classic console gaming / collecting. I want to thank all the people who created these videos here at emumovies. Excellent work.
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