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  1. Any frontend in nowsday use .MP4 files. Dont need convert to .FLV or anything. Claudio
  2. Hi all, Has anyone this "speaker bezel" to share? Claudio
  3. Its PC configs dependant. On my PC (I7 6700K ) give me ~50 seconds for 1 minute video file. Ok for me. All videos using YUV4:4:4 will not work on Hyperspin (its a limited by system). Play a video using Media Player Classic and look on properties. NOT WORK (CHROMA SUBSAMPLING YUV 4:4:4) WORK (CHROMA SUBSAMPLING 4:2:0) Claudio
  4. Hi all, I decided upload the software video encoder and tutorial used by me on my frontends. Vidcoder will do exactly what you want, make any video compatible with the current frontends (Hyperspin, Attracting Mode, EmulationStation, Mgalaxy ...) and with the best possible quality, since it already comes with a package of presets, configured by me and with the help of Moschifo, current encoder of Progetto Snaps videos. Following the premise of the EXTREMELY EASY method, simply download, install, run, load . Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3iBKBBbUEtndUV4MnpJMzFsbGs Note: Provided a step by step, in PDF, just to illustrate the ease of use. Any questions, just talk. Claudio Raphael – Cauptain 2017 Inc.
  5. Welcome back to game. Final Fantasy VI opening is awesome!!! Claudio
  6. Its a YUV444p standard?? If not, same to old video with little better encoder profile. Get the Progetto Snaps has default parameter of encodes. Awesome look at 240p files > 480p Emumovies files. Claudio
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