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  1. I see that circo has uploade da Sega Naomi system intro video to youtube with a pointer back here to emumovies for the non-credits version. I do not see this file on the ftp under system intro/arcade collection/ Is it stored elsewere?
  2. I would be very interested in an Odyssey2 set. As the first system I ever owned, it holds a special place for me.
  3. I guess what I was wondering is why a game would be in the official set back in 2005 but not now. I do see that Jochitko has at least some of the missing ones in his WIP folder.
  4. I browsed around a little and didn't see anything on this - I am setting up hyperspin for the first time and after downloading all of the flv videos for the sega it was immediately apparent that many games are missing videos. I don't mind converting avi's I currently have to flv's myself, but I was a bit surprised at how many were missing on what I thought was a fairly complete set. Is this common, or just an issue with the genesis set? I downloaded the AVI set I had been using in GameEx from emumovies a few years back. That set has pretty much all of the missing files. Is there a reason that the set has trimmed down since then? The first video in the currently available set (flv & avi) is AirBuster, where as in my old emomovies set there are 11 videos before that one. The set from 2005 had 736 video files while the current set is down to 614. I watched games that were similar and found them to be the exact same capture. I suppose I can always run a batch process on the old movies to convert them to flv, but then I would still need to find a way to get them to a no-intro naming convention. Any suggestions on how to do that easily? Thanks.
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