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  1. Thanks Circo. Great news. I will start making more now. i will use the tape loading menus (Graphical) instead of the others.
  2. I have made some snaps (Underwurlde and Knight Lore) to see if these are acceptable. i have uploaded them to the ftp in the correct section. I have followed the instructions by the book, so they should (Hopefully) be ok. I have temperarily made 2 snaps per menu (Tape Loading menu and the normal menu). Can someone please check them out and see if they are ok and which menu (I personally prefer the tape loading menu) to go with. If they are good to go, then i will start making more.
  3. Hi Guys, I am a huge fan of the old ZX Spectrum. I have Hyperspin fully up and running with all the games i need except for the ZX spectrum. All i need is the video snaps. If nobody is currently working on this, then i will be more that happy to make a start on them. Let me know
  4. Hi Everyone. I am currently working on a desk top arcade system for my son (well me really ) with Hyperspin as my front end. Just donated,,,so looking forward to getting the FTP access soon and downloading all the latest videos that you have all spent a lot of time making. Cant wait!!
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