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  1. The Android port of Retroarch is quite good, and includes several systems (computer, arcade, console, etc.)
  2. Shouldn't be too difficult. Also, since you're a lifetime member, you can download any necessary files from the emumovies server directly through LaunchBox while you're importing your roms. Coming from someone who switched from hyperspin to launchbox about 3 years ago, I can tell you that it's relatively easy and smooth
  3. "AttractMode" is another frontend, similar to LaunchBox, RetroFE, etc. You can find it here http://attractmode.org
  4. I've tried OpenEmu and very much like its simplicity and convenience. For Windows, I would highly recommend LaunchBox :) https://www.launchbox-app.com/ You do have to download and configure the emulators on your own, but almost everything else is really easy to set up. You can even drag and drop roms, programs, videos, etc. since it has the ability to launch any program associated with those files
  5. Not all that new, actually. All three of the frontends I mentioned have been in development for the past few years. However, LaunchBox has recently (in the past year or so) risen to the top of the frontends (among windows users), based on most websites polls, youtube activity, etc. Of course it's a matter of preference, but if you're using the premium version of LaunchBox which includes BigBox, you'll have yourself the ultimate frontend, which is highly customizable, yet easy to install and get running on your computer. Having said that, I also like the other frontends available including retrofe and attractmode, as they're easier for me to 'tweak' the themes/layouts :)
  6. Did you accidentally or intentionally forget a few of the best frontends out there? The reason I ask this is because you spoke rather highly/positively about 3 other frontends, but did not make any mention of emulationstation, attractmode, and launchbox. In my opinion, these are way smoother and easier to set up than the ones you mentioned in your post. With the exception of launchbox, they can be used on multiple OS (Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.) and launchbox is about as easy as it comes to install and set up properly (with windows). Additionally, they can all be used in conjunction with rocketlauncher :)
  7. Absolutely! RocketLauncher works just the same as it does with HyperSpin, LaunchBox, and other frontends
  8. You should be rather satisfied with its performance. Compared with HyperSpin, AttractMode runs a lot more smoothly and is a lot more flexible with themes/layouts. Once I figured out how to properly use AttractMode, I stopped using HyperSpin almost instantly :)
  9. Having tried all of the frontends out there (hyperspin, maximus, galaxy, gameex, retrofe, etc.) I can confidently say that Launchbox/BigBox is certainly the best all-around program available and I'll continue to use it as I enjoy all of the great features and the fact it's so easy to customize. Having said that though, there are a few faster options available. For me, AttractMode is the fastest of them all. Even with a large collection, it runs almost exactly the same as if you had no collection (of games) at all which is quite impressive in itself. The interface is not quite as user friendly as some of the others, but once you get used to it, it's easy breezy! :)
  10. If you're looking for something relatively easy to set up, then BigBox is definitely worth the investment. RetroFe and AttractMode require a little bit of work with the configurations but they are also excellent once you get them up and running :) Also, like Phulshof mentioned, a membership in emumovies will be necessary to get a lot of the artwork, or if you don't need the movies, then you can download most of the artwork with launchbox/bigbox
  11. I've also used HyperSpin and quickly gave it up after moving over to Big Box. I also prefer retrofe and attractmode, as they are much more flexible than HyperSpin. At the same time, BigBox is incredibly easy to get started with and gets better (literally) with each day :)
  12. You're probably right about the only the real good source for getting Rocket Launcher set up properly is with Simply Austin's youtube videos. Unfortunately their forums have been a bit unresponsive as of lately, although I'm sure you can find someone there who's willing to help out if you have any specific issues to inquire about. Most of what I learned with Rocket Launcher was by trial and error. However, that can (literally) take hours and hours of time trying to get things set up properly. Also, I would suggest some of the other forums including here, Hyperspin, and a few other places around the internet. In the end, it's very much worth it as tjwoosta pointed out many of the advantages of using rocket launcher in combination with a frontend-program like launchbox, hyperspin or any other one for that matter :)
  13. Attractmode deserves a LOT more credit and is also very actively being developed. I really like Launchbox too but if you change the layout/theme with attractmode, (and there are many to choose from) it looks WAY better than hyperspin, runs faster, can be used in 16x9 resolution natively, is available in Linux, Mac, Windows, Raspberry Pi, etc. and is relatively easy to set up. If you do a simple search for attractmode with google or youtube, you'll find that a lot of people are using the simple/basic hyperspin-looking themes with it and that's probably because they wanted something that looks like hyperspin but in 16x9 resolution. However, the other themes available for attractmode look extremely nice and run super smooth :)
  14. It all comes down to personal preference. In my opinion, mGalaxy is boring and leaves me with that "mehhh" feeling. However, it's relatively simple and has a nice clean interface. So, those who prefer a more simple touch with not too many bells and whistles, then mGalaxy is probably the better choice. For me, hyperspin is a bit too much bells and whistles and also feels outdated with the lack of widescreen support. I definitely like the 'wheels' feature, but trying to find wheel/logo images for the not so popular/obscure systems gets old really fast
  15. Thank you for the ftp fix! Now it seems to be downloading for me, although not at a very rapid pace, it's moving along :)
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