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  1. This original post is a few years old, so you might want to check the original website for answers if you haven't already. Here ya go: http://www.retrofe.nl/SMF/
  2. The Android port of Retroarch is quite good, and includes several systems (computer, arcade, console, etc.)
  3. I've tried OpenEmu and very much like its simplicity and convenience. For Windows, I would highly recommend LaunchBox :) https://www.launchbox-app.com/ You do have to download and configure the emulators on your own, but almost everything else is really easy to set up. You can even drag and drop roms, programs, videos, etc. since it has the ability to launch any program associated with those files
  4. Not all that new, actually. All three of the frontends I mentioned have been in development for the past few years. However, LaunchBox has recently (in the past year or so) risen to the top of the frontends (among windows users), based on most websites polls, youtube activity, etc. Of course it's a matter of preference, but if you're using the premium version of LaunchBox which includes BigBox, you'll have yourself the ultimate frontend, which is highly customizable, yet easy to install and get running on your computer. Having said that, I also like the other frontends available including retr
  5. Did you accidentally or intentionally forget a few of the best frontends out there? The reason I ask this is because you spoke rather highly/positively about 3 other frontends, but did not make any mention of emulationstation, attractmode, and launchbox. In my opinion, these are way smoother and easier to set up than the ones you mentioned in your post. With the exception of launchbox, they can be used on multiple OS (Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.) and launchbox is about as easy as it comes to install and set up properly (with windows). Additionally, they can all be used in conjunction with rocket
  6. Thank you for the ftp fix! Now it seems to be downloading for me, although not at a very rapid pace, it's moving along :)
  7. After several attempts I haven't been able to log in to the ftp. How about hosting the retrofe files on mega or another similar website?
  8. Great work! But you really need to get something on your main page/website. I've seen some posts here and there, including Simply Austin's youtube page, where a few people seem to be confused while looking around on the retrofe website and the latest download (available) is from over a year ago. Also, I can guess that a lot of people aren't going to jump on board with a new frontend if they have to set up an ftp account, have to register on the retrofe boards to find the latest files, layouts, etc. However, it's fantastic to see that you're spreading the word out there :)
  9. Yep, as someone who frequently bothers their developers with bugs/errors and other miscellaneous requests, I can honestly claim that retrofe is certainly one of the best! The most recent updates now make it a much smoother and flexible frontend, and the latest layouts (aeon nox, xmb, etc.) are very nice with a professional touch :)
  10. Yep, I've recently been trying that one. This is 'bundangdon' from the retrofe forums by the way :) The 'fantastic' layout is a bit of a mess on my system but it's definitely got some major potential and looks extremely polished and professional
  11. Good to hear that! Look forward to further development with retrofe and would love to see some new layouts, since I have absolutely no ability to design my own :)
  12. It's a great frontend but lately development and activity has slowed down quite bit. Also, I find it really difficult to make themes/layouts and the ones that are currently available are nice but just don't suit my taste. Having said this, I certainly will keep an eye on retrofe and think that it's definitely a very promising project :)
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