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  1. Does anyone know the best snaps for retropie? I know the system uses MP4, but the ones I downloaded for use with HS are big and don't work. Thanks
  2. I have noticed a lot of HS mods giving sarcastic answers and being rude to members. Yesterday I saw a post from a newbie stating how the site was difficult to navigate and that there was little help other than the forums, he went on to suggest a updated user guide vice the one that was created in 2009 and possible a user editable Wiki. All his Ideas were shot down by mods but cheered by normal users. Feeling frustrated I felt the need to post... Only to have my account suspended. I am so blown away by HS... Dear epicrean, You have received a warning at HyperSpin HyperBoard. Reason: ------- Drama Starter You have received one infraction for starting drama. You are demoted to a normal user for 10 days. Next offense will be a longer sentence. ------- Original Post: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?p=244426 I have to say it's sad how much people here fight change, and don't want to help! The original OP is 100% right and none of the senior members show any interest in taking on the advice... Reasons like change is coming only compounds the issue and frustrates people, we don't want to hear about future change, we want solutions. I mean if we go of the sites past, change is far off, some of us have been waiting for HS 3.0 for 4 years... GULP!!!!!!!! A wiki would be perfect and be of no real burden - shot down A updated Guide, another easy solution - shot down This is why I say HS is dead... The senior people no longer want to help the newer people, in turn people are getting frustrated. I still stand by my theory that pretty soon we will open the site and be greeted by the dreaded "It's been fun, but it's over" text. Back up your stuff now before the site goes black EPiC{C}Warnings serve as a reminder to you of the forum's rules, which you are expected to understand and follow. All the best, HyperSpin HyperBoard
  3. OK I set Hyperspin up, updated it. Ran Hypersync and it updated the wheel, carts, etc... SO my question is how do I get Video Previews? When I select a game in Hyperspin there is a place for a video with the words "Video Previews available at Emumovies.com" I looked through the download section and can't find preview movies. Thanks EPiC
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