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  1. I've double checked all the games on this list to make sure they work in MAME. I did not include any games with special controls that couldn't be emulated. I eliminated any gambling games and and games with Japanese language and speech. I made sure there weren't any video files that were closely names with version differences. After doing all that, these games still had no video snaps: akatana bbh bbh2sp bbhcotw bbhsc carnking cmpacman dbldynj fantasyu footbpow funkyjet gtfore04 gtfore05 gtfore06 hamboy heatbrl inyourfa kickball kov2nl kov3 legionna nbamht orleg2 poosho pwrflip skyrobo slapshtr spclords spider strgchmp thoop2 tomagic touchgo twcup90 twcupmil twsoc96 vf2 virtpool warfa wrally2 wyvernf0
  2. I'm compiling it now. I'll post as soon as I'm done.
  3. I've noticed several MAME games that work on 0.200 but require CHD files don't have wheel art or video snaps on the FTP site. Examples of missing ones are all four Big Buck Hunter games. I'm assuming whomever recorded the snaps didn't have the CHDs or realize they were required. Are there any sources for these files?
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