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  1. loppydog

    PC main intro

    WOW! good job on the video! I was going to mention that most of my PC game video are missing, but I didn't want to sound too greedy Have you uploaded any of these to the FTP? Also, for Hyperspin I would need them in a FLV.....any way to convert them?
  2. loppydog

    PC main intro

    OK no problem here is a list: 1: (super) Street Fighter 4 2: Shank 3: Super Meat Boy 4: Trackmainia 5: Deathspank 6: Angry Birds 7: Who's That Flying 8: Bit Trip Runner 9: Platypus 10: Rocket Knight Here are a couple more that might work, but they dont have much in the way of audio 1: Limbo 2: Machinarium 3: And Yet It Moves Thanks!
  3. loppydog

    PC main intro

    I would like to request an intro video for the PC Genre. It will go along with a theme that is being kindly created for me over at hyperspin. http://www.hyperspin...4645#post134645 I would like it if it matched as closley as possible to the other amazing Intros that CIRCO has created (perfer game sounds over music). I am not really picky about what games would be included in the montage, but it would be nice if they were CAB friendly games...no COD please I have listed some games on the hyperspin post above, that will give you an idea of what I am thinking. Thanks in advance!
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