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  1. Ok, I found Cabal. How about Golden Tee Fore and Golden Tee Fore Complete? Anybody have those? Thanks, Jason
  2. Man, I forgot how much bigger .flv files are. The total size is 100gb! :) Jason
  3. Hi guys, My arcade cabinet video collection is nearly complete! I need three videos, and if anybody could point me in the right direction or let me know if they are available I would appreciate it! I did a full fresh download of all of the videos last night and didn't see these three: Golden Tee Fore! Golden Tee Fore Complete! Cabal Thanks, Jason
  4. Thanks! Yep, that seems to resolve the issue! Jason
  5. Hi guys, I qualified my system against MAME 0.172 with Hyperspin 1.3. All of my movies had been working fine, but I decided to freshen things up. I downloaded the entire movie library a couple of months ago and noticed that some, not all, movies were smeared. Sound was fine, but there was a green smear that would come in and out. I tried the low res movies and they were fine. Same with my back up. Has this been resolved? Is it some new codec requirement? I don't want to update to the newest HS because my current build has a lot of custom modifications. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jason
  6. Hi guys, I recently decided to refresh my MAME videos. I used the utility and it pulled everything down, but for some reason a good portion of them are smeared. This isn't the case with all of the clips, but some of them display a vertical smearing type of image. Is this a known issue? Do I need some kind of a codec update? Thanks, Jason
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