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  1. Any word yet on where to place the downloaded files using EMU Movies sync tool? (after sync has downloaded all the files) to make them show in Launchbox (BigBox)? And so I don't have to wait painfully slow for Launchbox to do it itself. Thanks, Dave
  2. Great and thanks. So I looked at what was downloaded and there quite a few folders within a "MAME" folder such as: Advert Artwork Artwork preview background and so on. There are no corresponding folders in "Launchbox"? Not in mine anyways. Wait, I just realized you might assumed I have my "MAME" folder within Launchbox. I kept it separate and all those folders do correlate. Since I pointed Retroarch to use the MAMEUI64 executable in that separate folder and where my MAME roms are, is Launchbox going to work with that? Whew And the folders are created in
  3. I just got to ask. If I'm using EMUsync 2.54 and I'm downloading "MAME" for the system, Mame "ROM" folder is the Match for the (Rom) folder and I make my Launchbox directory the "Download Folder". Is this how I have manually imported everything? And another thing. If I do it this way, I saw mentioned that Launchbox will not see the system (rom) imported till I manually do it. DO WHAT? Just a little clarification pls.
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