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  1. vertigoelectric

    Sega Saturn Video Snaps Pack (SQ)

    The following videos are just 5-second clips that say "This game is not playable": Chill (USA) (Proto).mp4 Cho Aniki - Kyuukyoku ... Otoko no Gyakushuu (Japan).mp4 Die Hard Trilogy (USA).mp4 Lode Runner Extra (Japan).mp4 Rebellion (USA) (Beta).mp4 The rest seem to be okay.
  2. vertigoelectric

    Game Boy Unified Platform Video (16x9) (HD)

    I like it.
  3. vertigoelectric

    Nintendo DS Unified Platform Videos (16x9)(HD)

    The animated one is really cool.
  4. vertigoelectric

    Atari Lynx Unified Platform Videos (HD)

    Love the lemming. Thanks!
  5. vertigoelectric

    PlayStation Unified Platform Video (16x9) (HD)

    I love that Castlevania SOTN is the first to play!
  6. vertigoelectric

    Sega Saturn System Intro (HQ-480p)

    Wish there was a unified video for Sega Saturn, but this is still a great intro clip. Thanks!
  7. vertigoelectric

    Genesis Unified Sonic Platform Video (16x9) (HD)

  8. vertigoelectric

    Sega CD Unified Platform Videos (HD)

    Cool thanks!
  9. As a new free member, I'm limited to 1.5gb/day for downloads. Is there any way I can view how much I have used or remaining for the day? Thanks!
  10. vertigoelectric

    Nintendo 64 Unified 2D Link Platform Video (16x9) (HD)

    Awesome. Thanks!