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  1. just wanted to start a thread as i learn you all learn the media placement has been a headache and literally im at trial and error at this point so i wanted a place to share my adventure so its easy for others!! thanks!! Scott!!
  2. Please i am looking to create a repository for newbies like myself i understand certain artwork all needs to be in certain folders like box art cart art snap videos bezels wheel art wheel pointers manuals and individual gameplay vid clips!! even if you can only contribute 1 of these locations with the file structure explaining where it goes thats 1 more thing i did not know as for im sure many...basically i want this forum to be a beginners guide to manually building out the art repositories of each system and where each file goes in what folder and where that folder needs to be placed and explained...thank you for taking the time to read this please any info i can learn will just help me way more than not knowing!! i included some screen grabs so non newbies can see what is missing better!! thanks tons!! Scott Anthony Battaglia messedupps.bmp messedupps1.bmp
  3. sorry for such a dumb comment but where in the mame folder does the video snaps go in?
  4. i am having difficulty setting up the media files with hyperspin and where they go in the folder system and what and how i attached some screen shots to help show what is wrong please if you could help with even a single problem since i have issues from videos to box art to cart art to even pointers and wheel game names any help would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks! Scott messedupps.bmp messedupps1.bmp
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