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  1. coolpix

    Microsoft MSX2 3D Boxes Pack

    Those are really hard to come by. MSX2 games were pretty much released in Japan only and even there it's hard to find the most common of the MSX2 games, and see that many boxes done so brilliantly in 3D perspective is really nice. Excellent set of images. Really nice job!
  2. coolpix

    Odyssey 2 3D Boxes Pack

    Really clean and crisp 3D set of Odyssey 2 boxes. These include both original scans of boxes and restored artwork and I think this is the right way to do this job. Another fine work by WallyWonka!
  3. coolpix

    ColecoVision 3D Box Pack

    Really well done set of ColecoVision 3D boxes. Those look great and are the perfect size. Highly recommended!
  4. coolpix

    Nintendo 64 3D Box Pack

    Absolutely beautiful boxes. These are 100% perfect. Really nicely done, congratulations! Hoping to see more stuff from you. Thanks again for all your hard work!
  5. coolpix

    Sinclair ZX Spectrum 3D Boxes Pack

    Really cool "cassete tape style" boxes on this set. Those are really hard to come by, so to see that it includes more than 400 very nicely done tape cases with covers is really cool. Thank you for sharing, it will look great on my computers-only RetroPie setup.
  6. coolpix

    Playstation 3D Box Set - Complete

    This set is near perfect. It's exactly what I needed for my ultimate PlayStation USA games RetroPie collection. The covers are high quality, with crisp images. Really nicely done work! Thank you for sharing!
  7. coolpix

    Intellivision 3D Box Art

    Brilliantly made. The boxes look beautiful. Excellent addition to any RetroPie setup.