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  1. Perfect. The fighting intro is straight up bad ass. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Circo!
  2. Maybe I should have looked at the other request before posting this. I just noticed that another user, Johhny Mazzic, has already asked for a Fight video. I'm not sure if you were planning on consolidating the two requests or not, but it's perfectly fine with me if you did. I would be good with whatever you end up making for him. I looked at his list of games and it's a relatively close match to mine anyways. Thanks Again.
  3. Awesome - Thank You!!! I attached a list that mostly just contains the obvious picks for fighters. I'm sure whatever you do will turn out great. I really appreciate this - I'll never be able to say enough great things about this site and the excellent work you do. Thanks Again! Fighters.txt
  4. I came across a generic "Fight" theme designed by THK over at Hyperspin. The theme is killer and I love the idea of having seperate wheel dedicated to the fight games. I was wondering if there was a generic fight intro video anywhere and if not - could we possibly get one? I'm currently using the Street Fighter Timeline Intro for this wheel (great work btw), but I would really like an intro that speaks to some of the other games as well such as MK, The Marvel Fighters, Fatal Fury, etc. I know you're busy and that special request don't always happen - just thought I would put it out there. FYI: I attached a screen shot of the theme and some of the wheel images for a reference.
  5. Here's the file list. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. FailToConvert.txt
  6. I'll post a list of the videos that were failing as soon as I get home from work tonight. The issue starts early though, in the videos staring with the letter "A". If I remember right, it started around "Ar", i.e. "Ariel the Little Mermaid". It's always the same videos that fail though. BTW: My previous post was a little misleading when I said that 60% of the videos failed. I didn't mean 60% of the total videos available for the Genesis. My stuff is audited to hyperlist, so I'm only trying to convert the 781 videos needed for the Sega Genesis setup. Out of the 781, around 468 of them failed to convert (thus the 60%). I can't speak for the rest b/c I'm only converting what I actually need for my setup. I've already dealt with the issue and moved on. I used another app to convert the problem videos. The sizes are a little off, but they look good in Maximus and that's all that matters to me.
  7. Trying to convert the sega genesis video snaps from mp4 to avi but not having much luck. I'm using the emumovies video converter and it only successfully converts around 40% of the videos - the rest end up as 0K files. I've tried this on two different machines (Win732 and Win764) and get the same results. It's always the same files that fail to convert as well. I also tried doing the conversion from the download utility itself and got the same results. I can convert the files using another app I found, but it's a pain to work with and keeps hosing up my file names. I did a small test with an flv conversion and that seems to be fine - so the problem just appears to be with the avi conversion. I've successfully converted several other console sets as well. So far, it's just the genesis set that is giving me problems. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This is killing me.
  8. First Post: I'm completely new to all of this. I had zero experience with front-ends, emus, rom-sets, etc. All I knew was that I wanted to setup an arcade machine and that it should be possible somehow. I started scouring the web and was soon introduced to Maximus Arcade and Hyperspin. I loved the look of MA where as I thought HS looked a little too busy. I soon learned that MA appeared to be on it's death bed though and went with setting up a "working test" of hyperspin. As I previously mentioned, I'm new to all of this: That means I started with nothing. No Emus. No Roms. No concept of what a Good set or a No-Intro set was, and so on. In order to get HS up and running, I had to get myself familiar with apps like clrmamepro,fatmatch and it wasn't long before I was actually writing my own apps that would spin through HS's XML files to help me locate missing wheel art, naming discrepencies, etc. I admit - It seemed like a lot of work at first, but I chaulked most of that up to the fact that I was a total newb. I learned A LOT by setting up HS. The forumns and guides over at HS were a huge help though! I have yet to post a question to the forum but that's b/c I didn't have to - I was always able to find what I was looking for with a quick search. The community over at HS is excellent. With all that being said... I decided to switch back to Maximus Arcade for my first cabinet . At least for now anyways, I just really like the simplicity of it's design. I always felt like I was trying to bend HS to look more like MA. I am going to revist HS when version 2 drops though. Hyperspin def. gets my vote for best Front-end hands down though. It's an easy call - a front-end is only as good as the community that supports it and HS clearly has a TON of great people behind it. HS will continue to get better and better where as us poor MA supporters are probably doomed.
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