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    Arcade Request

    Honnestly, I'm not very difficult for video all games are good for me I prefer ask to someone more skill to make video and let him choose what game he want My wish dont must be an order lol, I prefer let the creator choose what he want to make a good intro for him For me, I just search a best of video for CPS 1 system CPS 2 system CPS 3 system (not difficult, this system have just 5 games lol ) CAVE system PSYKO system sorry if my english is bad, I am french :P Your Neo-Geo video intro Circo is excellent, I use it for my arcade XBOX If you can make something like that, you are the man Thanks for your help

    Arcade Request

    To begin, hello all I'm new and many emulation forums concil me about this forum Indeed, this forum is excellent and I am happy to visit it => So many video preview for emulators I search for my xbox arcade project many video CPS 1 video CPS 2 video CPS 3 video CAVE video PSYKO video I have see NEOGEO vidéo shared and he is excellent, good work I hope someone can help me
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