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  1. Version 1.0


    2D Box images for the NEC TurboGrafx-CD
  2. View File TurboGrafx-CD 2D Boxes 2D Box images for the NEC TurboGrafx-CD Submitter OnlyIsrael Submitted 01/18/2017 Category Artwork Resolution 400x400 Naming Convention Redump / HyperBase Total Files in Collection File Count 53  
  3. I've search the FTP pretty thoroughly and can't find it. Any idea where you saw it?
  4. Thanks for doing these. Only ones I'm missing are Turbo Toons World Masters Golf Cheers
  5. The BA is labeled differently for the console vs the amiga comp. so i'll continue with the console ver and everyone is welcome to use them as they see fit. I'll keep the thread on the HS forum updated regularly.
  6. FYI - There is a thread on HS with respect to the Amiga CD32 console Boxart and wheels. I have done A-F already but feel free to contribute. If you're planning on doing the PC version of things then please start a new thread as I am not doing that project. Cheers
  7. Wow, Definitely wasn't expecting that. This is great news. Don't put yourself out though, I'm sure everyone will appreciate it when it happens but we can all wait patiently. You do tons already and thanks doesn't seem to cut it but that's all I've got (and $20 annually). I'll keep my eyes open for the announcement when it happens. cheers
  8. List: Atari 7800 NEC PC Engine NEC PC-FX NEC TurboGrafx CD NEC Turbo Duo (probably could be same as for TGCD) Nintendo Gameboy Nintendo Gameboy Color Sega SG-1000 Colecovision Mattel Intellivision
  9. As I am not setup to do HQ Snaps I am putting a very laid-back request out to anyone who wants to contribute. Circo's intro vids for HS 1.0 are amazing and many thanks to him for the quality work done on those. Sadly there are non-release systems (some that are quite popular) that are missing amazing Intro vids like the release systems. I am starting a list of systems that lack a decent intro vid (as far as I am aware) in hopes that some benevolent soul out there will take pity on them and make one. Cheers Oh, and feel free to add to the list.
  10. glad to hear it. I was having withdrawals.
  11. Thanks, this system felt pretty empty with no videos to preview games. Thanks for all the hard work
  12. I'm really loving these videos. They are clean, concise and really give a great overview of the system. Keep up the good work.
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