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  1. I got them straight from the FTP
  2. Just a reminder that the Panasonic 3DO mp4 collection (I only tested 480p) is out of sync with the names of the games. SuperModels Go Wild should be, Supreme Warrior disc 1, the actual supreme warrior disc 1 should be disc 2 while supreme warrior disc 2 should be Syndicate. Also, not all files from SuperModes to the end work properly. Toon time for example does not work. Thanks!
  3. Sooooo you got time to just look at that vid I submitted? It's gonna be a rainy weekend and if that vid is ok I'll knock out recording them, then just do your magic whenever lol
  4. Wow sorry long day. 1440x900 and my name on hyperspin is tkropp17 I forgot it was minitrucker on here lol
  5. Alright so lets try this route.... i uploaded a video under uploads/tkropp17 you let me know lol a lot of my pc games run at 1440x1600 (i have a 16:10 setup on my projector) i believe this is 1024*768. i'm new to this but i'd really like to help the community if i can. if not i'm still making these for my own system lol
  6. Alright so I did a little more tweaking. I'm doing 30fps half-size. I'm using an xvid codec at the time of compression. a 30 sec clip is about 10mb. since these are pc games i'm doing them full screen also. Thoughts???? (ignore post above this one.)
  7. No prob. I have FRAPS. I'm new to this but gonna give it a go. If it doesn't work then oh well lol what settings should i use for fraps? Movies-30fps or 29.97? half-size or full-size?
  8. I'm looking at making a PC game wheel as well. How long is the turn around time between my uploading, your editing and availability for download? I have about 80 pc games... Will you make a flv and mp4 file available? I'd like to prep for HS 2.0
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