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  1. I love my SF30 Pro 8bitdo controller when it's working well but the bluetooth connection will randomly start acting up for me every once in a while. I also enjoy the Xbox One controller. However I prefer to use them wired but both of these controllers usb connectors have gotten to the point where the slightest movement will disconnect them for a split second which causes me a lot of problems, especially when it causes the 8bitdo to switch over to bluetooth which changes it's input type.
  2. Thanks for the video I can't wait to try this out. Instructions for setting up and configuring were clear and concise.
  3. Great video! Comprehensive info about all versions of Ghost and Goblins and their differences. Keep up the good work Batmite.
    Great tool, saves a lot of time.
    Nice collection (92 manuals as of review) of many of the popular gba titles. Wasn't able to find some of these manuals anywhere else online.
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