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  1. Hey Robin, i have to bring something to your attention, i noticed with some of your new "authentic" sets, not just this one but PS2 and some others as well that the brightness of the cover art seems to have suffered. Some of the more subtle detail in the blacks and grays got lost. one of the more brutal examples: that woman on the left is practically not visible anymore, just a black blob (the 3D box to the right is from one of your earlier not authentic sets). Since this is not happening with only one template i assume you must have changed some global brightness or contrast settings in your software. Did you get a new too bright monitor or something? 😄 If you could make a revision with regular brightness of those too dark sets, that would be great.
  2. I see you are using a new template. Looks a bit less pixelated and more refined around the edges compared to my older downloads 🙂 //edit: check your inbox, i've send you something about 3DS spines we could do.
  3. Hey Robin, whenever you take the time to go over this again, i prepped a short list of stuff that you may want to take a closer look at: -> https://imgur.com/a/hQl4vDh There are a few easy ones to fix and some real headscratchers in there. I also have a little Nitpick to bring to your attention, it would be nice to have if this could be improved but no big deal if it can't, the template of double sided jewel case, in ALL pictures the spine in the back is a few shades darker than the spine for the front, especially visible if the spines are both white "Arcade Gears Vol. 1" is a good example of that. Anyway love the set, should be the default for EmuMovies.
    Dope set, it doesn't get much better than this. (if only more translations for JAP games of the Saturn existed)
  4. I did a bit of detective work... Bloodstained Curse of the Moon ... is a tricky one First of all the picture you posted has a watermark in the bottom left corner, not good. There is no ESRB/PEGI rating on it, no company logos or anything, that is some fan made cover. I googled a bit and found this: https://jpgames.de/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Bloodstained-Curse-of-the-Moon-LRG_03-07-19.jpg?x67343 So, this game appears to be an eShop only game and "limited run games" have made a physical (limited edition?) run for 3 other platforms but from the looks of it not for the 3DS, the cover art also looks different for those 3 boxes. i found this PEGI version. ...interesting how the right border says "Nintendo eShop", i don't think i ever saw it branded like that, this might also be a fan made cover (not sure) to look like real box art, i can't find any evidence of a physical box existing (there is nothing showing up on Amazon or Google anyway). So i went to the source and Nintendo uses this (in a lower resolution) on its 3DS eShop website i would suggest you use this picture with the eShop template. As alternative there is also this one which Nintendo uses for Switch so uhm... 😄
  5. 99 covers, this turned out to be quite the pack for 2 days. Thanks again for the fast work and the OCD, i'll make sure to upload as much of it as i can to LaunchBox :)
  6. wooh, that was fast. ok, i did find a few minor issues. - Shovel Knight (Europe).png - the spine doesn't line up properly on the bottom left, kind of a big gap there (but i had something else in mind anyway. Check THIS picture i just made, i just thought it'd be better if you combined the better quality picture with the spine with photshop than me doing this with paint, cuz pixelation 'n stuff ...maybe i should have actually said that?) //edit: ...ok this just breaks my brain, check this out: PICTURE it displays differently in "Photos" than in Paint?! How is that even... well i guess its OK then, i'd still like the combined picture though. /eShop - Raby Laby.png - spelling error: should be Rabi Laby.png ... same error on the spine text (was that me? damn, sorry yes my spelling error that you copied, that's what i get for not doing copy&paste 100% of the time lol) - Steam World Hiest.png - and one more: "Heist" not "Hiest", spine text again as well. ...and SteamWorld is supposed to be one word, just like with "SteamWorld Dig - A Fistful of Dirt.png" (on the Spine text you've written Steam World Dig apart as well, so i'd say leave that here as is for consistency, only fix the Hiest, but the filename should have it together ...if that makes sense) - Unchained Blades NA 3DS Boxart mock-up.png "NA 3DS Boxart mock-up" doesn't need to be in the filename here, that was only for that other mockup picture (the one you didn't use, which is fine, i was just happy to find a spine for once, even if it was fanmade ;P) and uhm, can you send me the cleaned up 2D picture of Unchained Blades if you still got that? (i tried with paint myself ...and failed horribly), will upload that to LaunchBox DB as well then. //edit: added one more to the imgur folder (Photos with Animal Crossing) ... that one fell through the cracks somehow.
  7. Nice :) I think i'm through now... (so much for ongoing project lol, damn OCD!) There are only a few left where i can't find anything good and some weird stuff that i think isn't even games to begin with, maybe you can take a look. 3D Visual Experience (USA) (eShop) <- probably not a game? DOOORS (USA) (eShop) <- this looks like a game, but i only find one icon that is super thin and wide, would be super stretched, not good Drop Zone - Under Fire (USA) (eShop) <- there is only one picture that looks more like a background than a cover Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Data Transfer Program (USA) (En,Fr,Es) (eShop) <- definitely not a game, not sure what it does or if there is any use for emulation Pikmin Short Movies 3D (USA) (En,Fr,Es) (eShop) <- no idea Scarygirl Illustration Kit (USA) (eShop) <- is game, or painting thing, can't find any decent cover icon that doesn't need touching up Smash Controller (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Ru) (eShop) <- might be firmware, might be a game ... no idea, google picture search results are funny But i think, this should cover the bulk of EU/US Roms (no JAP) that are available in decrypted form for Citra, at least up until a month ago.
  8. I usually let LaunchBox scrape what it can from its own DB and EmuMovies, when it fails to find anything i try to fill in the blanks as good as i can (for now i just look for 2D and 3D covers really). I mean, if i need to do so for my own collection anyway, i might as well add the pics that i find to the DB (yes manually), so the next guy after me has an easier time scraping. The 2 sites also have slightly different naming schemes, which occasionally throws LaunchBox off from finding the EmuMovies entry at all, you can only really find those instances while building up your own library. I think that is the best approach, otherwise you just end up uploading stuff that is technically already available on one site or the other. I'm currently still working my way through PS1 and Saturn emulation... adding a few pics here and there as well of course. But PS3 is not really on my radar yet. Can we even emulate anything playable from it yet? I know RPCS3 is making some good progress but... all i've really seen was Read Dead doing like 10 FPS in a youtube video, awesome that they are this far already, but not exactly "playable". Citra has been doing some huge jumps lately, 3DS emulation just seems pretty interesting right now. But sure throw the pics at me, maybe i'll end up adding stuff to the PS3 section as well at some point. //edit: OK pass 1 is done, short headcount says that there are still 63 eShop games (or items) that i still got no pictures for at all. that will be the next pass.... next time when i can't sleep ;P
  9. Hi, love the 3D Boxes you've made here :) If you are up to taking more requests, i have a ton of eShop and also some 3DS roms that are missing covers in my LaunchBox. I got no Photoshop skills what-so-ever, but i add a lot of stuff to the LaunchBox DB (and 3DS needs a lot more work over there anyway) so i don't mind the legwork of hunting down the covers or those eShop pictures as i add stuff over there, will just take a while. I still got a lot of sorting and double checking to do for my collection, so, do you prefer a specific format for the covers? I see you want the spine art as well if possible, anything else i should pay attention to? I think it would be best if i made an imgur album then i can just drag&drop anything i find into there and you can then just grab stuff from there whenever you feel like doing some more, this would be more of an on-going thing as i go through the list. I'll just get started with a few so you can see if that works for you -> https://imgur.com/a/OQotg
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