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  1. I got all the 0.193 files off archive.org and have just been using mame (I guess mess is doing the emulating)
  2. No i have all the 80’s & 90’s consoles as well like now I open mame select intellivison and select and play astroblaster or atari 5200 and select asteroids etc
  3. I'm a 50 yo male from the US with close to a terabyte of roms collected over the years. Have a very basic mame64 setup running on my PC. My arcade cabinet is about 90% complete and I'm looking for the bling. What front end should I start with? How easy is it to customize a front end? I have most of the "extras" which i've either gotten via torrent (archive.org) or started to use sync from here to complete my collection. What works best with the sync content and video snaps? I'm sticking with windows for now. ( I'm a hackintosh user at home and windows developer at work )
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