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  1. Wow, Fantastic, thanks to all involved :) Saludos!
  2. EmuMovies Sync

  3. [REQ FILLED] Fighting Genre Video.

    Thanks a lot for the Intro Circo, looks great on mi Setup!
  4. [REQ FILLED] Fighting Genre Video.

    I understand, dont worry, thanks for your hard work Circo, Saludos!
  5. [REQ FILLED] Fighting Genre Video.

    Any update?
  6. [REQ FILLED] Fighting Genre Video.

    Thanks Circo, you're The Best! Saludos!
  7. [REQ FILLED] Fighting Genre Video.

    Hello! I'm not very good at English but I hope you guys can understand me. I would like to know what tools I need to make a video fighting games mix several different systems as I could. Or if anyone would like to make this video for my (hehehe) I would like a video that included the following list of games. 1.The King of Fighters 98, The Ultimate Match (TTX2) 2.Capcom Vs Snk 2 (Naomi) 3 Street Fighter II (Mame) 4.Mortal Kombat (Mame) 5.Killer Instinct (Mame) 6.Marvel Vs Capcom (Mame) 7.The Rumble Fish (Atomiswave) 8.The King of Fighters XIII (TTX2) 9.Samurai Shodown (Mame) 10.Super Etreet Fighter IV (TTX2) Muchas gracias!