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  1. I got a new Job!!!!

  2. I love SMRPG

    1. Circo


      The backgrounds are cool, I like the NES one for useability, but the sonic shadow looks hot

  3. Feeling better than normal...

    1. Circo


      That's great!

  4. It worked extremely well, downloaded the NES set. I will try a larger set download tonight. I didn't really encounter any problems, but I'll keep my eye out
  5. Welcome aboard...and thank you for the awesome programming skills!
  6. Oh hey, found a case for ya: http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Nintendo-NES-PC/
  7. Hey guys, just put up some Genesis art on the FTP under Official - Other. You can find Box art and Title screen shots.
  8. *Requests a video for the new RocketKnight game
  9. BH is a very good game. Def want it on my arcade!
  10. OH F*CK YES!!!! Pardon my language, but these games rock!
  11. Man don't even worry about it. You need to take care of yourself personally. I am truly sorry for what's going on right now, and hopefully things will get better soon. I too am in SoCal; San Diego actually, and I get how the job scene is. Hell, I haven't found a job since October 2008!! Just try to make the best of what you can and when the time is right, I know we'll see you again. Thank you for all of your past contributions and I hope for the best for you and all of our struggling Emumovies and HS members.
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