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  1. 28 added... so is there a total somewhere? Or say a list of missing USA for example?
  2. I say thats more of a platformer than beatemup.... i dunno. All 3 of those did have very difficult parts though. How about Golden Axe? I dont remember ever actually finishing it! Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  3. Nobody chime in??? AFAIK the arcade was set up much like the nintendo ones were... that is with an actual (modified) system in it that used the same cartridge as the home versions. This is why none have been done already... same source. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  4. I did not mean it to be a "best of" review at all. Simply my experiences. I have heard good things about all those FE's though. They are all pretty new as well aren't they? I jumped onto HS about 2011.
  5. I have been tinkering for years so I have some thoughts... lol First one I tried to set up was Kodi's Rom Collection Browser. This was some years ago so it may have changed but it was infuriatingly hard to set up. I remember having 1 or 2 systems set up a couple of times and then something would foul it all up and I would have to wipe and start over... besides, Kodi will launch any program so why not just launch a proper FE right? My next foray was into Mala. I gotta say, it's kinda a shame development stopped on this one. I had an okayish setup going. I have zero PS skills so I was literally googling images, lol. Someone more talented/creative than me could probably make a wicked setup though. It's like a "blank canvas" FE. Hiccups in the configuration did arise though! With no chance of an update coming and literally zero active community to get any answers to anything, it's hard to stay committed to it. It was already becoming apparent that if I wanted a proper FE, I was going to have to jump in to the premium market. Back then, that meant GameEx or HyperSpin. I chose HS... and I have no regrets at all! It must be one of the most active communities. And they have a ton of really talented artistic types... not working for them, just members... creating and sharing! It's amazing. The most important of which is "logos" (or wheels as they're called in HS) IMO. You can add cart or disc media and the like... or not, won't really affect the overall look of your setup. But a system in plain text without the wheels sticks out like a sore thumb! RocketLauncher is sort of altering the scene now. FE's no longer have to worry about all the launching and instead just focus on the media/display aspect. RL is really incredibly robust. A godsend compared to the Hyperlaunch 1, 2, 3 era. It evens adds functionality to your FE like HyperPause so you can read manuals or movelists. All that being said, for me personally I would like to setup another FE... without RL?!?!? I know, I just raved about how good it is. I do have HS setup. It's hooked to RL, I love it. But I was testing something. I tried to install a second RL to a different location (so I could use different DB's) and it recognized the other install somehow. Seems having 2 RL's on 1 system is a "no go". Ideally, I would like to not use a database at all anyway! Someone asked just last week on the HS forums where the best place to get DB's was. The answer included 3 locations!! Let's just say, not an ideal situation for a database driven program. Even the fundamental "1 of every english game" premise is so horribly flawed. And I only speak and read english! Personally I do not want demos, betas, or protos in my setup either but I can see why some people would. Seems to me that databases should include every game ever made for that system with some easy filtering options. I do realize this is a lot easier said than done. Please, I am not trying to knock on anyone working on these, it is a huge undertaking. I am merely sharing my thoughts. I also cringe whenever there's talk of naming conventions. Names should be as we get them... that is as "No-Intro", "ReDump", "TruRip" etc has them. Why? So I can "seed" and use at the same time. NO DOUBLES! I am also getting to the same point concerning media too. I use EmuSync to get my media and I want my FE to use it from here. NO DOUBLES! Now despite RetroFE's apparent folder structure and his super easy drop in packs, I do have it setup as described above instead. All paths are easily configurable. I haven't set up a lot of systems yet but so far I have no real need for RL even. If RetroFE has DB's, it didn't ask me for one and I'm pretty sure all my roms were recognized... maybe a closer look is in order??? Anyway, If your old like me, and don't mind editing txt files by hand, I can't recommend this FE enough! A UI and maybe a couple more themes and this one is gonna take off! Oh, and if your real new to the scene and just want to dip your toe in for the first time, you won't find an easier setup than mGalaxy. It doesn't have much in the bells and whistles department though.
  6. I'd like to be able to specify more than 1 rom folder per system. I know I can just browse for another location and re-sync but it would be much easier for updating if I didn't have to do that. Also, a "sync all systems" would be super handy if you are already setup and just want to check if anything new has come out.
  7. Good day phulshof, I have recently been working on setting up nested menus. After some tinkering I finally got it to work... sort of!?!? If I go into one systems list of games (say Atari 2600), then back out to the main and go into another list (say MAME), the "logos" for Atari 2600 are still there on top of the MAME wheel which I can still see moving in the background. I am using the Animatic skin so can I assume that it doesn't like the nested menus? Are all skins affected like this? Is there an easy fix for this?
  8. Woohoo! Success! So for anyone else who wants to control everything through a gamepad, here is what I use so far: up = Keypad 8,Up,joy0Axis1- down = Keypad 2,Down,joy0Axis1+ left = Keypad 4,Left right = Keypad 6,Right pageUp = A pageDown = B letterUp = N letterDown = M favPlaylist = F nextPlaylist = F2 prevPlaylist = F1 addPlaylist = I removePlaylist = O random = R select = 1,Return,joy0Button1 back = 2,Escape,joy0Button2 quit = Q, joy0button11 deadZone = 25 * joy0 --- if you don't specify a number it will take these commands from all joysticks! ** joy0Axis1 --- this is up/down with left stick... Change these to Axis0 for left/right if you are using a horizontal theme. *** quit --- purely personal taste, happens to be push the right analog stick down (the button not the direction) on mine. There may be a PS2 game or 2 that use this button but I'll deal with that later if need be. **** deadZone --- On quick try this seems to stop all the abnormal movements. Feel free to set as high as needed, I don't think this will affect any games, just menu navigation. Thanks for the help! I am sure I will be bugging you more in the future, LOL.
  9. No jitters with keyboard... or when assigned to buttons on joypad. Just the stick. I don't see any sensitivity settings anywhere. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  10. Hmmm... well that did do the trick however I now experience the same jittery wheel that I thought was just an HS issue. Seems this is a windows (specifically win7?) or possibly just a logitech issue. I did have one of those Afterglow 360 gamepads. Damn thing just stopped working so I dug out my old Logitech pad. I am going to have to buy another 360 and maybe a PS4 joypad and do some further testing. In HS I got around this by making a JoyToKey profile mapped to the up/down arrows on my keyboard. But I always thought that I shouldn't have to do that... All the other function of joypad work, just need some kind of analog sensitivity controls or something. Very hard to google this issue. Anyone else setting this up in a Home Theater style (controllable by joypad, not in arcade cab)? What OS you use? What joypad?
  11. Lol... I didn't! Thanks that's exactly what I needed. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  12. Everything working great so far Phulshof... except for the left analog stick on my logitec pad. Is there a code for that? I have up/down mapped to buttons right now since I couldn't see a reference for "joyup"? "joyPOVup"?? "joy1xaxis"???? Any help here would be great.
  13. Hello all, I'm Jay I actually registered here quite some time ago but I am finally getting around to setting up a home arcade pc so hopefully you will be seeing a fair bit more of me now. Truth be told, I am not a big poster kinda guy. I usually just read other peoples threads with similar issues to troubleshoot my own. Unlike most users here, I will not be using HS as a FE. Rather, I will be using XBMC as I like to have all my entertainment in one place. If anyone has a setup like this and has any advice/tips, please PM me. See you around the garden!
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