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  1. Because the three I tried so far will allow you single video at a time, to get "batch" need to pay..
  2. Maximus arcade will not utilize my .FLV videos. I may not have a choice? other than to purchase a $20 .flv to .avi converter? Not what I wanted to do. I even tried renaming all .flv to .avi etc and after I installed the codecs pack, windows media player will play them but after a rescan of mame videos folder via Maximus, Only ONE video has shown as working and all the rest just make a god awful sound... Any help is appreciated. TY
  3. HI, I just signed up for a 1Yr plan, I thought I seen I could get all the mame,nes,etc video snaps in AVI format, I only .mp4 and I already own all the .flv.. Someone please point me in the right direction?
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