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  1. Sorry for the delayed response nologic, the last few days have been a bit busy for me. I'm just curious, why do you recommend ffvhuff? Opening anything encoded with libx264 would normally cause avidemux to complain about b-frames and those encoded with ffvhuff don't. Is that related? edit: I tried editing a few videos in ffvhuff with avidemux. It gave an error message stating that the video codec wasn't compatible with mkv (even though the source material was using an mkv container). If I tried saving the video as an avi it would stretch a minute long clip into a video over a minute long. I figured out the latter issue. I wasn't using a keyframe for the start and end-points and tried to just copy the streams. Having avidemux re-encode (still to ffvhuff and pcm) when I saved the file solved the problem. If I'd ever actually copied streams while editing in virtualdub, I'm guessing I'd have run into the same problem. Also, I'm guessing the answer to the earlier question about "why ffvhuff" is that it's lossless and avidemux can re-encode to it (while it can't re-encode to h.264).
  2. I did try avidemux but it didn't like RGB-x264 and wouldn't display any video (instead just showing all green). It also complained about the audio codec when opening the file and wouldn't output any sound on playback. If I remember correctly, VLC is also based on libav/ffmpeg and it didn't like the original game captures either. Of the video editors/media players that I have tested, the only media player that actually worked completely was gstreamer. I went ahead and upscaled these captures while re-encoding, but for any future captures, I'll take your advice. Thanks.
  3. Fraps isn't really an option for me anymore, as I don't have convenient access to Windows outside of a virtual machine. Retroarch has the ability to capture video using ffmpeg, including the ability to specify the desired codecs, options, etc to be used. By default it captures using lossless RGB-x264 and flac into an mkv container. I would appreciate some feedback for a couple questions I have though. Firstly, none of the video editing tools I've tested appear to like each of RGB-x264, flac and mkv and some don't appear to like any. I've already done about 20 captures using these default settings (probably averaging at least 30 minutes of gameplay per capture) and if possible I'd like to salvage the effort. If I use ffmpeg to remux to avi, re-encode to x264 (using the option -qp 0 which I believe should be lossless) and decode to unsigned 16-bit little endian PCM (what my earlier fraps captures appears to have used), there shouldn't be any difference from if I'd just captured the video with these settings from the start, correct? What I'm really wondering is if something would/could be lost even if the quality of the audio/video is maintained, for example how efficiently the information is stored or possibly something to do with the accuracy of the audio/video's timing. My second question has to do with the resolution of the video. By default, Retroarch appears to capture the video as the native resolution of the system. Does the point at which the upscaling (to 640x480) is done impact the final quality of the video? I wouldn't expect it to for something like playstation (natively 320x240) as it's just doubling in each direction, but I could see it mattering for something like Super Nintendo or any other system with a bit of an oddball native resolution.
  4. I wanted to make captures for these two games last night (as well as a few other Saturn games), but I ran into the same problem I've had in the past with Saturn games. I can't figure out how to force SSF to a window size of 640x480. I'm fairly certain, I've tried every combination of options at this point and the closest I've found produced captures (using fraps) of 640x470. I did also try using Yabause. While I could get the correct resolution, the games would either speed up and slow down too much while attempting to capture video (under software mode) or were at least slightly distorted (under OpenGL mode). Does anyone know what emulator and settings were used for the captures currently on the ftp?
  5. I've run into a few games that I can't capture with fraps and I was wondering if some one could try to capture them with a different tool (Camtasia?). There's no rush on them, I just wanted to post the request here while they're fresh in my mind. Sony Playstation: Rapid Reload (PAL): It's known as Gunner's Heaven in Japan. It's a run 'n gun game similar to Treasure's Gunstar Heroes, developed by the team behind the Wild Arms series. I couldn't get the game to run with a hardware mode plugin without a lot of artifacting. It seems to work flawlessly with Peops software mode plugin 1.18 though (using the emulator pcsx-r 1.9.92), but fraps is unable to capture video with this plugin. Super Famicom: (For the three games below, I'm referring specifically to the fan translated versions, translated using the Full Transation patches from romhacking.net) FEDA: The Emblem of Justice (Japan): The game ran for me without issue in snes9x; however, the audio contained clicking sounds. From the submission guidelines, it sounds like that's an issue with fraps. Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (Japan): This game is part of the Kunio-kun series which includes games like Renegade, River City Ransom and Super Dodgeball. This game (at least the patched version) only appears to run in ZSNES, which isn't recorded by fraps. The Magical Land of Wozz (Japan): This game also appears to only run in ZSNES, which again, can't be recorded by fraps.
  6. Since it's been over a year, I just wanted to double check if anything has changed with regard to your guidelines and/or the procedure you'd recommend? There's a few games I want to make trailers for, but I didn't want to buy fraps to get rid of the watermark just to find out that it wasn't necessary.
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