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  1. Ok that's all of them, except video snaps. Again, this is more of a constructive then a 'hey let me tell you how to do things' type of suggestion but surely you (emumovies) could -source the latest no intro pack, which covers pretty much all your standard up to and including gen 4 consoles 'No-Intro-2018.7z' -unzip -then i am assuming you would be somehow able to run emusync on all folders without actually have to laboriously download the actual media artwork like i did, just run it in some sort of test mode to generate the required 'missing.txt' documents to see what's not matching up -cross check with your database and make the necessary changes/additions. I totally get it's not as easy as all that and i totally get that there are far, far more systems then that no intro pack has that would need checking but i also feel that certain systems, such as your classic nes/snes/genesis/gameboys are so much more popular then everything else combined they should be well and truly dialed in. It certainly doesn't help things when the powers (out of your control) that be arbitrarily decide 'Spawn (USA)' should now be known as 'Todd McFarlane's Spawn - The Video Game (USA)' but i was still surprised that i had so many missing media files with a 'standard' no intro set. Anyways, hope the snes txts help, but it's a bit of a drop in the ocean. I feel maybe i should hunt down an old hyperspin rompack instead and save myself alot of manual edits. box_missing.txt cart_3d_missing.txt cart_missing.txt logos_missing.txt map_missing.txt snap_missing.txt system_logo_missing.txt title_missing.txt advert_missing.txt background_missing.txt banner_missing.txt box_3d_missing.txt
  2. It's all fairly standard stuff. The no intro romset is 'No-Intro-2018.7z' from ...an organisation that specialises in archiving. The snes rom folder i'm using was pulled from it, with all beta/unl/proto/japan only games pulled out. But. What i'll do is run a complete artwork scrape (no videos it'll take forever with my dingo internet) for a fresh no intro snes folder ( ' Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System' ), untouched, un-modified, and attach the various missing.txt files. May take an hour or so. p.s. very odd with some games like 'Toys - Let the Toy Wars begin! (USA)' scraping SOME stuff (like screenshots gameplay and screenshots title screen) but no other media, which makes me think the emumovies database has that game stored under two(or more?) different names for different categories. i'll be back.
  3. Ok, i didn't even know this existed so i gave it a shot. Ran it to scrape all media for my snes folder. (for whatever reason it scraped no videos so i ran it scrape for hi_qual .mp4 seperately but whatever) Previously i just used launchbox's tool and i noticed it missed a few, including the roms above i mentioned in the previous post. Unfortunately emusync basically just did what launchbox's scraper did and still missed games here and there including the examples i gave above. In the 'missing' file it missed over 50 games, for various things like boxes or video snaps. The aforementioned 'Toys - Let the Toy Wars begin! (USA)' scraped a couple of screenshots correctly, but failed at scraping other media like cart/boxes etc. The other two Spider-Man - X-Men - Arcade's Revenge (USA) Todd McFarlane's Spawn - The Video Game (USA) failed to scrape anything at all. I don't mean this facetiously or sarcastically but wasn't this supposed to scrape '100%'? Did i mess something up on my end? Any tips?
  4. Hi Running a no-intro set and i notice here and there rom names aren't matching with the names used on emumovies. For example, for snes Spider-Man - X-Men - Arcade's Revenge (USA) Todd McFarlane's Spawn - The Video Game (USA) Toys - Let the Toy Wars begin! (USA) Don't match up with what's listed on emumovies? (sorry i can't provide the name that are on emumovies, i can't connect to FTP atm for some reason, a ticket has been raised). So my question is, does emumovies use a no-intro rom naming convention? What does it use?If i knew i might find the romset i need with the correct names so i don't have to manually rename dozens of roms/media to match each other. (sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, it's really hot here and i just cbf eh)
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