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  1. I hope this is easier to use now. One needed a bachelors degree before to get it started lol.
  2. Nice screen shot! Thanks a lot man :-)
  3. I am now using my original WII controller + a cheap bluetooth dongle for Dolphin 5. Unfortunately I can not use newer Wii controllers as IO am on Window 7 64bit (refuse to go with Windows 10). These games look awesome with high settings in 4k!
  4. Happy Birthday to you!!!!

  5. Austin, I am one of your many YouTube subs, keep the epic content coming! Thanks so much for all your hard work too.
  6. Pong! I've been a gamer since the early 1970's :-)
  7. Heya! Currently Im using a wired XBOX 1 controller via USB cable. I was wondering what you use for the most part and if you play on a TV or a computer mostly. Mine's on both a laptop/desktop/4k tv
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