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  1. I hate to piggy-back on this thread, but I'm experiencing a similar problem. EmuMovies and No-Intro have diverged pretty far on a couple of names. It seems like the name matching algorithm is too strict. For example, I just scanned the NEC SuperGrafx directory, as it has all of 5 games. Only 2 of those games could be matched under current No-Intro naming conventions: 1941 - Counter Attack (Japan) and Battle Ace (Japan). The other three names are close, but not close enough for EM Sync to make the match. So you have: No-Intro: Aldynes - The Misson Code for Rage Crisis (Japan) EM Sync: Aldynes (Japan) No-Intro: Daimakaimura (Japan) EM Sync: Dai Makaimura (Japan) No-Intro: Madou King Granzort (Japan) EM Sync: Madou Ou Granzort (Japan) I have to believe that, in all three of these cases, a looser or fuzzier matching algorithm would have caught them. Is this a possibility to add to EM Sync? Some kind of option that you could toggle on or off that would allow for a fuzzy match fallback if strict matching fails? Just curious. Thank you.
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