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  1. This is hopefully an easy question but can anyone tell me how to make rocket launcher get its videos from media mames videos instead of doubling it up in its own folder please ? It just ignores hyperspin hq - been pulling my hair out for an hour trying to find a guide or post about it with no luck would appreciate any help thanks
  2. Hey Liamb2916,


    Do you happen to have any plans for the arcade cabinet that you built ? It looks very cool and I have been looking for some good plans for awhile.




  3. liamb2016

    My Arcade Build

    So i started building this with my son about 5 weeks ago and its pretty much finished now
  4. Just built an arcade cabinet with my son and looking to get hyperspin and all media setup - great to know sites like this are out there and cant wait to get stuck in
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