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  1. I'm an mGalaxy supporter and while HyperSpin is the most whiz-bang experience with all of the bells and whistles you could want, it takes work to setup, tweak and demanding on lower end systems that could run MAME just fine, but not Hyperspin smoothly. Vs. everything else, mGalaxy is the complete package of lightweight, easy-to-use, streamlined, beautiful, cool front-end that just works.
  2. You gave me an idea. I downloaded all of the 480p movies starting with "super" and found that Superman is labeled "superinv.mp4". But Super Burger Time didn't come up. So I went back a bit farther thinking the problem is localized in a chunk of videos. That's when I found that Super Burger Time is labeled "Sundance.mp4". So it seems a range of, at least, 480p videos in that range in the lower S's have naming issues.
  3. I just signed up to get 480p MP4 vids for my Favorites in mGalaxy and the following via the FTP and Download Service are incorrect: Super Pac-Man (superpac) - The video is actually for Super Tank Superman (superman) - This video is actually for Super Pac-Man. So that's an easy fix. Super Burger Time (supbtime) - I have no idea what this video is for. It's of a combination of Pac-Man games. At the end there is no title screen, just a game selection screen. In all honesty I would love to know what ROM this is becuase I see selections there for games called "Ms. Pac-Man After Dark", "Ultra Pac-Man" and "Piranha" which I'd love to play. Does anyone know if the correct videos do exist with incorrect names or do they just not exist? Thanks.
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