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  1. Version 1.2 Added 15 boxes @Robin55 Optimized Images and added 8bit color version @Circo
  2. Version 1.3 Optimized Images Added 8bit color set Version 1.2 All new higher resolution boxes @nmc 415 additional boxes added @nmc
  3. Version 2.1 Added or Replaced 33 Boxes @Robin55 Optimized images & included 8bit color version @Circo
  4. Stripe is an alternative option, but they stopped supporting bitcoin last year. Too volatile.
  5. Best to ask ninja questions direcly on his discord page or if you really want to get someones attention use the @ symbol in front of their user name which will tag them and send them a notification. But if you watch the videos he has a dedicated folder on the FTP called Ninja2bceen's Dojo Thats where all that content is.
  6. We are not getting any reports of outages. Can you test with our app and see if you experience the same issue?
  7. Version 1.1 Added 690 3D boxes. Package v1.1 is now 99.9% compatible with EmuMovies official 'Commodore 64 Video Snaps Pack (SQ) 1.4' pack.
  8. Version 1.1 Fixed Supercross 2000 (USA), as the front scan was rotated 180 degrees. @Kondorito Optimized images with PNGGauntlet @Circo Added 8bit color set @Circo Optimized file size so basic members can download @Circo
  9. Yikes, I don't think any work has been done on that set for YEARS I typically stick to Arcade, consoles and handhelds on my personal output and haven't had any Atari 8-bit submissions in a long time. Maybe someone will see this and feel properly motivated
  10. There are for games but none for systems at this time. No one has submitted any at least.
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