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  1. There is a tool that will convert from mame version to mame version but launchbox "naming" is chaos unfortunately.
  2. @Mr_RETROLUST It's a shame that these use launchbox database naming, we can't actually add it to our official sections. We need actual mame names which is what launchbox and other fe's actually scrape the service for. That being said awesome work, please let us know if you do a set with proper MAME naming.
  3. Launchbox has built in emumovies sync, it will put all the files in the right spot for you.
  4. Version 1.3 Added/Replaced 66 Videos @BiZzAr721 Details:
  5. It's going to download the media with the proper names matching your roms and you just need to place the downloaded media in the proper retropie folders. I don't actually use retropie but it should be a fairly simple affair.
  6. @Newer Those are rom hacks, send them to me if you have them. And realize it can take awhile for request fills, I mean you could attach a donation and I could have some one do them. But this site is still a hobby, still have a full time job etc, and there are always ongoing projects. But if you send those to me over pm I will knock them out. And lol have a good time? My femur was crushed, no fun time for me for a couple of months and physical therapy.
  7. Newer, Not sure if you have been by the Facebook page in a couple of weeks. But I got into a pretty nasty car accident a couple of weeks ago and today is the first day I have been even back on a computer. But it’s been years since you got impatient over here and let’s not slip back into that ok. Thanks for the request, we will get to it when we can.
  8. Sorry about that, I have replaced them.
  9. @Invis These have been added to the FTP and Sync. Thanks for the request!
  10. Version 1.4 Added/Replaced 233 Video Snaps @Circo @xALPHAxOMEGAx Details:
  11. I mean we could have an area if there were actual assets, but if we just added an area it wouldn't just populate. Good luck in your hunt.
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