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    This is a complete pack of 3D boxes for the Super Nintendo European releases, it should include all 516 officially released games in that territory, plus Super Copa released in Brazil. This pack is based on a work from other users, @NailbombRP worked collecting 2D covers, cleaning and improving their scans and posting them on Github and some forums as well as this one, the other being @SwedishGojirawhich made a 3D script to turn those in 3D. There were extra boxes for games never released in PAL territory and some PAL even using their US counterparts a few were missing from the PAL database, which I mostly fixed applying the correct covers on the 3D ones. Logos: Carts:
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    Version 20151019


    SNK Neo-Geo MVS Box Pack (3D) Technical Specs Image Count: 148 File Format: PNG Resolutions: 495x798 Naming Convention: MAME
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