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    Version 1.4


    EmuMovies Official Video Snap Pack for the Sony PlayStation 2 Availability - High Quality - FTP & Sync / Standard Quality - Site, FTP & Sync Captures & Edits By @Audi85, @Circo Final Edits & Encoding by @Circo High Quality Sample Standard Quality Sample High Quality (FTP, Sync) Resolution 854x480 640x480 Video Count 2,781 Total Size 25GB Frame Rate 60 Audio 192 kbit/s Standard Quality (Site, FTP, Sync) Resolution 426x240 320x240 Video Count 2,781 Total Size 1.16GB Frame Rate 30 Audio 128 kbit/s
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    Version 1.3


    3D box pack for the Sega Genesis
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    Version v1.5


    These custom console themed overlays were made by me to play retro console games on Retroarch. I wanted these overlays to evoke a nostalgic feeling. Please enjoy and have fun. Please give me credit if you use it on your channel. Thanks. Please keep in mind these videos are not walkthroughs they're just quick samples to show the overlays.
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    Version 1.6


    EmuMovies Official 3DS 3D Boxes Pack Availability - Site, FTP, Sync Notes: This is a mix of boxes with spine art and without. There are 87 boxes with spine art (all that I could find). If anyone knows where I could find more complete covers could you please post a link. If you find my work of use could you please consider donating to my Patreon found here: https://www.patreon.com/RobinLevingstone Nintendo eShop 3D Boxes can be downloaded here:
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    Version 20110901


    Nintendo Entertainment System Gameplay Snap Pack Technical Specs Image Count: 2293 File Format: PNG Resolutions: 320x240 Naming Convention: No-Intro
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    Version 1.0.0


    I did not create these videos, I just grabbed them from the MAME videos and added them all in one spot so its easier. All 144 Videos for SNK Neo Geo MVS . Thanks to Circo for allowing me to upload.
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    Version .03


    Perfect Match is the sequel to Skinny Match New Features include: Perfect Match has the ability to save multiple projects that will allow matching to continue from the point at which the project was previously saved. Perfect Match can rename artwork from .dat files, and .xml files. When using SoftList .xml files, Perfect Match will rename your artwork to the 'Short Name' (See Screen Shots) Instant alternate matches in the match tab using right-click. Additional settings to help with better matching. Messages can be shown normally, as tool tips, or turned off completely. A brief description of the settings tab and matching using Perfect Match
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    Version 1.3


    EmuMovies Official 3D Boxes Pack for the Sony PlayStation 3 Availability - Site, FTP, Sync This is a collection of 770 Playstation 3 3D boxes made from covers downloaded from FreeCovers.net. And The Cover Project. Some of the boxes in the collection have a few different versions to chose from for Europe and the USA, mostly just the age stamp is different, P.E.G.I for Europe and E.S.R.B. for the USA. If you find my work of use could you please consider donating to my Patreon found here: https://www.patreon.com/RobinLevingstone 3D BOXES IN COLLECTION: My PlayStation Store Boxes can be downloaded here:
  9. 5 points

    Version 1.1


    Game and system logo pack for the Nintendo 64
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    Version 1.2


    EmuMovies Official Manual Collection for the Sony PlayStation Availability - Site, FTP & Sync (File List) Sony Playstation (Game Manuals)(EM 1.2).txt Sony Playstation.xml
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    View File Nintendo 3DS 3D Boxes Pack EmuMovies Official 3DS 3D Boxes Pack Availability - Site, FTP, Sync Notes: This is a mix of boxes with spine art and without. There are 87 boxes with spine art (all that I could find). If anyone knows where I could find more complete covers could you please post a link. If you find my work of use could you please consider donating to my Patreon found here: https://www.patreon.com/RobinLevingstone Nintendo eShop 3D Boxes can be downloaded here: Submitter Robin55 Submitted 02/17/2018 Category Artwork Resolution 860x884 Naming File Count 596  
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    Version 1.0.0


    This collection focuses on Japan front boxart files. I hope these help anyone that is looking for these hard to find boxart covers. Donations are welcome - https://www.paypal.me/orionsangel
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    Version 1.4


    EmuMovies Official Video Snap Collection for ScummVM Standard Quality - Site, FTP, Sync High Quality - FTP, Sync High Quality Standard Quality If you would like to help make this collection better, please submit missing or replacement media in our Submissions Area Upgraded members can also download this collection via our FTP File Server and our EmuMovies Sync application
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    Version .201


    Artwork (Bezels) Pack for MAME Availability - Site, FTP, Sync Leave files zipped and place in MAME/Artwork
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    Version 1.0


    2D Cartridges Pack for the Casio PV-1000 Availability - Site, FTP, Sync
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    Version 1.0


    3D Boxes Pack for the Hector HRX Availability - Site, FTP, Sync
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    Version 2.0


    3D Boxes Pack for the Nintendo Game Boy Availability - Site, FTP, Sync So I recently updated my Nintendo Game Boy database to full version 1.2 (with japanese and unlicensed games). I did make a cheapy 3D box set for this system a few years back with just USA and Europe games. This one is updated with every game in the database including japanese games and those shitty Sachen games. All spine art has been recreated and many of the boxes are cleaned up and look very nice. The Sachen game boxes dont look nice because I couldnt find any decent scans. I even had to make a few custom boxes for the games I could not find. Some Japanese boxes look like crap too because I could not find ANY decent scans for those. I found a handful of redrawn japanese boxes here but they were never completed. There are 250 japanese and unlicensed games in in the database alone! That was actually frustrating, but ever game in the database has a box art image. Included are photoshop templates for those who wish to add or update existing game boxes. Enjoy this collection! If you would like to help make this collection better, please submit missing or replacement media in our Submissions Area Upgraded members can also download this collection via our FTP File Server and our EmuMovies Sync application
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    3D box images for the Sega Master System
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    Working on it ugh, this is a battle. We stopped it once but this is happening all over with forums it seems. Cross platform as well. Only seems to affect Google search though. Will post when we have more info.
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    Version 1.1


    EmuMovies Official Game Manuals Pack for the Sony PlayStation Portable Availability - Site, FTP & Sync
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    Version 1.0


    EmuMovies Official 2D Boxes Pack for the Apple IIGS Availability - Site, FTP & Sync Details
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    Version 1.1


    Nintendo 64 3D Box Pack (Box and Cartridge)
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    Version 1.1


    EmuMovies Official Logos Pack for the Sony PlayStation Portable Availability - Site, FTP, Sync
  24. 3 points

    Version 1.0


    Docklet Style Logos for Pinball FX2 Availability - Site, FTP
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    Here's a quick, official teaser demo of HyperSpin's improved 16:9 HD Capcom Classics set, soon to be available for direct setup via HyperAI! What you see is what you get here, no added flashiness and no gimmicks. An iteration of this is available now but you can expect even more improvements to be made and more themes added prior to HyperAI release. Game on everybody! Forums: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/ EmuMovies: https://emumovies.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therealhyperspin/ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/OfficialHyperSpin/ Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HyperSpin_FE Twitter: https://twitter.com/HyperSpin_FE Audio used: Capcom sound
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    Version 1.2


    2D Cartridges Pack for the Sega Game Gear Availability - Site, FTP, Sync Here is a complete set of cartridge art for the Sega Game Gear handheld system. Based on the latest 1.3 xml database. 337 images total, including japanese titles. Also included is a PSD template for those that want to make their own or add more. Sega does what NintenDONT! If you would like to help make this collection better, please submit missing or replacement media in our Submissions Area Upgraded members can also download this collection via our FTP File Server and our EmuMovies Sync application
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    Version 2.0


    Gameplay Snaps Pack for the Atari 2600 Availability - Site, FTP, Sync If you would like to help make this collection better, please submit missing or replacement media in our Submissions Area Upgraded members can also download this collection via our FTP File Server and our EmuMovies Sync application
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    Version 20150901


    Naming Convention: No-Intro / HyperBase Resolution(s): 400x441 Format: PNG File Count: 535
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    Version 1.0


    Parallax platform video for the Nintendo 64 Availability - Site, FTP, Sync
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    Heh, heh, heh. I only want to say that I think it is very funny. Some day I want to be ` Greetings.
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    Another add for today is 4 more video snaps for the Sega Master System Video Snap Pack. Thanks to DamnedRegistrations for this submission. These videos bring the video set to 370 videos and the set is now considered complete. The Video Snap Pack can be downloaded from the EmuMovies Download Area, FTP File Server and Download Utility. Videos Added: 4 (DamnedRegistrations) Bruce Lee (World) (Unl) Gekioko PunPun Maru (Japan) (Unl) Lander 2 (World) (Unl) Snail Maze (Europe)
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    Been noticing a lot of Spam appearing on the site lately within our user forums. Just spent the last 15 minutes deleting over 80 threads of spam with links pointing to casino sites, etc. This has been happening more and more over the past week and I've been trying to stay on top of it as to keep our forums clean and clutter free. If any of you notice anymore of these threads, please continue to report them to me and I will make sure they get removed. Thanks guys!
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    Version 20151018


    SNK Neo-Geo MVS Box Pack (Full) Technical Specs Image Count: 148 File Format: PNG Resolutions: 1144x690 Naming Convention: MAME
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    GameEx version 14 * GameEx Online, part of GameEx Evolution. * For those eligible to a free upgrade to GameEx Evolution. * Access at http://online.gameex.com from any device anywhere with no configuration required. * Browse all your games by genre, company, decade and more. * Launch and exit your games in GameEx from and device. * View your favourites, the same game on other systems or have GameEx Online recommend new games for you that are popular with other users. * Shutdown and control volume and exit and start GameEx. * Full online Setup Wizard and completely configure GameEx and apply and restart. * Game cards and social media posting. * List management and database and rating editing coming soon. * Remotely stream all your videos, music and ebooks to any device at any location with no router configuration required. * Request remote assistance and send invitations to others to help and gain access. * This is a complete server solution. No router or firewall configuration required. * Access from Hong Kong, New York, or Timbuktu. * The future and will be in active development. Expect more features soon. * New GameEx Databases thanks to Flash: * Total rebuild of ScummVM database, now complete as of V1.7, to support the new ScummVMDC tool. * New ScummVM config creator included with install. * Rebuild of NES database, though needs a lot of manual editing. * Rebuild of VCS database. * Massive work on SNES database. * All other databases have had large updates and changes. * Additional databases added for many other previously un-listed systems. * New www.gameex.com completely redesigned.
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    Still plodding along on the Super NES/Famicom updates. Another 516 Video Snaps have been added or replaced. You can find the new videos on the FTP or our Download Service (HyperSync, Etc.). Continue on for a listing of what has been changed. Videos Added/Replaced Spoiler 2020 Super Baseball (USA).avi3 Ninjas Kick Back (USA).avi 3x3 Eyes - Juuma Houkan (Japan).avi 7th Saga, The (USA).avi 90 Minutes - European Prime Goal (Europe).avi '96 Zenkoku Koukou Soccer Senshuken (Japan).avi A.S.P. - Air Strike Patrol (USA).avi AAAHH!!! Real Monsters (USA).avi ABC Monday Night Football (USA).avi ACME Animation Factory (USA).avi Action Pachio (Japan).avi ActRaiser (USA).avi ActRaiser 2 (USA).avi Addams Family Values (USA).avi Addams Family, The - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (USA).avi Addams Family, The (USA).avi Adventures of Batman & Robin, The (USA).avi Adventures of Dr. Franken, The (USA).avi Adventures of Kid Kleets, The (USA).avi Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The (USA).avi Adventures of Yogi Bear (USA).avi Aero the Acro-Bat (USA).avi Aero the Acro-Bat 2 (USA).avi Aerobiz (USA).avi Aerobiz Supersonic (USA).avi Air Cavalry (USA).avi Akagawa Jirou Majo-tachi no Nemuri (Japan).avi Al Unser Jr.'s Road to the Top (USA).avi Aladdin (USA).avi Alcahest (Japan) (Translated En).avi Alice no Paint Adventure (Japan).avi Alien 3 (USA).avi Alien vs. Predator (USA).avi Amazing Spider-Man, The - Lethal Foes (Japan).avi America Oudan Ultra Quiz (Japan).avi American Battle Dome (Japan).avi American Gladiators (USA).avi American Tail, An - Fievel Goes West (USA).avi Andre Agassi Tennis (USA).avi Animaniacs (USA).avi Aoki Densetsu Shoot! (Japan).avi Appleseed - Prometheus no Shintaku (Japan).avi Arabian Nights - Sabaku no Seirei Ou (Japan) (Translated En).avi Araiguma Rascal (Japan).avi Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Atari Collection 1 (USA).avi Arcade's Greatest Hits (USA).avi Arcana (USA).avi Archer Maclean's Super Dropzone (Europe).avi Ardy Lightfoot (USA).avi Art of Fighting (USA).avi Ashita no Joe (Japan) (Translated En).avi Assault Suits Valken (Japan) (Translated En).avi Asterix & Obelix (Europe).avi Asterix (Europe).avi B.O.B. (USA).avi Bahamut Lagoon (Japan) (Translated En).avi Bakukyuu Renpatsu!! Super B-Daman (Japan).avi Bakutou Dochers - Bumps-jima wa Oosawagi (Japan).avi Ball Bullet Gun - Survival Game Simulation (Japan) (Translated En).avi Ballz 3D - Fighting at Its Ballziest (USA).avi Barbie Super Model (USA).avi Barbie Vacation Adventure (USA) (Proto).avi Barkley Shut Up and Jam! (USA).avi BASS Masters Classic - Pro Edition (USA).avi BASS Masters Classic (USA).avi Bassin's Black Bass (USA).avi Batman Forever (USA).avi Batman Returns (USA).avi Battle Blaze (USA).avi Battle Cars (USA).avi Battle Cross (Japan).avi Battle Dodge Ball - Toukyuu Daigekitotsu! (Japan).avi Battle Dodge Ball II (Japan).avi Battle Grand Prix (USA).avi Battle Jockey (Japan).avi Battle Master - Kyuukyoku no Senshi-tachi (Japan).avi Battle Pinball (Japan).avi Battle Racers (Japan).avi Battle Soccer 2 (Japan).avi Battle Tycoon - Flash Hiders SFX (Japan).avi Battle Zeque Den (Japan).avi Battletoads & Double Dragon (USA).avi Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (USA).avi Bazoe! Mahou Sekai (Japan) (Translated En).avi Bazooka Blitzkrieg (USA).avi Beauty and the Beast (USA).avi Beavis and Butt-Head (USA).avi Bebe's Kids (USA).avi Beethoven - The Ultimate Canine Caper! (USA).avi Best of the Best - Championship Karate (USA).avi Best Shot Pro Golf (Japan).avi Big Sky Trooper (USA).avi Bike Daisuki! Hashiriya Tamashii (Japan).avi Biker Mice from Mars (USA).avi Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball (USA).avi Bill Walsh College Football (USA).avi BioMetal (USA).avi Bishin Densetsu Zoku (Japan).avi Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R (Japan) (Translated En).avi Bishoujo Wrestler Retsuden - Blizzard Yuki Rannyuu!! (Japan).avi Blackthorne (USA).avi BlaZeon - The Bio-Cyborg Challenge (USA).avi Block Kuzushi (Japan).avi Blue Crystal Rod, The (Japan).avi Blues Brothers, The (USA).avi Bobby's World (USA) (Proto).avi Bomberman B-Daman (Japan).avi Bonkers (USA).avi Boogerman - A Pick and Flick Adventure (USA).avi Boxing Legends of the Ring (USA).avi Brain Lord (USA).avi Brainies, The (USA).avi Bram Stoker's Dracula (USA).avi Brandish (USA).avi Brandish 2 - The Planet Buster (Japan) (Translated En).avi Brawl Brothers (USA).avi BreakThru! (USA).avi Breath of Fire (USA).avi Breath of Fire II (USA).avi Brett Hull Hockey (USA).avi Brett Hull Hockey '95 (USA).avi Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus (USA).avi Brunswick World Tournament of Champions (USA).avi Brutal - Paws of Fury (USA).avi BS Zelda no Densetsu (Japan) (BS) (Translated En).avi Bubsy II (USA).avi Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (USA).avi Bugs Bunny - Rabbit Rampage (USA).avi Bulls vs Blazers and the NBA Playoffs (USA) (Rev 1).avi Bust-A-Move (USA).avi Cacoma Knight in Bizyland (USA).avi Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball (USA).avi California Games II (USA).avi Cannon Fodder (Europe).avi Cannondale Cup (USA).avi Capcom's MVP Football (USA).avi Capcom's Soccer Shootout (USA).avi Captain America and the Avengers (USA).avi Captain Commando (USA).avi Captain Novolin (USA).avi Captain Tsubasa III - Koutei no Chousen (Japan).avi Captain Tsubasa IV - Pro no Rival-tachi (Japan).avi Captain Tsubasa J - The Way to World Youth (Japan).avi Captain Tsubasa V - Hasha no Shougou Campione (Japan).avi Caravan Shooting Collection (Japan).avi Carrier Aces (USA).avi Casper (USA).avi Castlevania - Dracula X (USA).avi Castlevania - Vampire's Kiss (Europe).avi CB Chara Wars - Ushinawareta Gag (Japan).avi Champions - World Class Soccer (USA).avi Championship Pool (USA).avi Championship Soccer '94 (USA).avi Chavez (USA).avi Chavez II (USA).avi Chessmaster, The (USA).avi Chester Cheetah - Too Cool to Fool (USA).avi Chester Cheetah - Wild Wild Quest (USA).avi Chibi Maruko-chan - Mezase! Minami no Island!! (Japan).avi Chinhai (Japan).avi Choplifter III - Rescue & Survive (USA).avi Chou Aniki - Bakuretsu Rantou Hen (Japan).avi Chou-Mahou Tairiku Wozz (Japan) (Translated En).avi Chrono Trigger - Flames of Eternity (USA) [Hack].avi Chrono Trigger (USA).avi Chuck Rock (USA).avi Civilization (USA).avi Classic Road (Japan).avi Classic Road II (Japan).avi Clay Fighter - Tournament Edition (USA).avi Clay Fighter (USA).avi Clay Fighter 2 - Judgment Clay (USA).avi Claymates (USA).avi Cliffhanger (USA).avi Clock Tower (Japan) (Translated En).avi Clockwerx (Japan).avi Clue (USA).avi College Football USA '97 - The Road to New Orleans (USA).avi College Slam (USA).avi Columns (Japan) (NP).avi Combatribes, The (USA).avi Computer Nouryoku Kaiseki - Ultra Baken (Japan).avi Congo's Caper (USA).avi Contra III - The Alien Wars (USA).avi Cool Spot (USA).avi Cool World (USA).avi Coron Land (Japan).avi Cosmo Gang - The Puzzle (Japan).avi Cosmo Gang - The Video (Japan).avi Cosmo Police Galivan II - Arrow of Justice (Japan).avi Crayon Shin-chan - Arashi o Yobu Enji (Japan).avi Crayon Shin-chan 2 - Daimaou no Gyakushuu (Japan).avi Crystal Beans from Dungeon Explorer (Japan) (Translated En).avi Cutthroat Island (USA).avi Cyber Knight (Japan) (Translated En).avi Cyber Knight II - Chikyuu Teikoku no Yabou (Japan) (Translated En).avi Cyber Spin (USA).avi Cybernator (USA).avi Cyborg 009 (Japan) (Translated En).avi Daffy Duck - The Marvin Missions (USA).avi Darius Twin (USA).avi Dark Law - Meaning of Death (Japan) (Translated En).avi Date Kimiko no Virtual Tennis (Japan).avi David Crane's Amazing Tennis (USA).avi Daze Before Christmas (Europe).avi Deae Tonosama - Appare Ichiban (Japan).avi Dear Boys (Japan).avi Death and Return of Superman, The (USA).avi Death Brade (Japan).avi Demolition Man (USA).avi Demon's Crest (USA).avi Derby Jockey - Kishu Ou e no Michi (Japan).avi Derby Jockey 2 (Japan).avi Derby Stallion 96 (Japan).avi Derby Stallion II (Japan).avi Derby Stallion III (Japan).avi Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf (USA).avi D-Force (USA).avi Dharma Doujou (Japan).avi Dolucky no A.League Soccer (Japan).avi Dolucky no Kusayakiu (Japan).avi Dolucky no Puzzle Tour '94 (Japan).avi Donald Duck no Mahou no Boushi (Japan).avi Donkey Kong Country - Boss Blitz (USA) [Hack].avi Donkey Kong Country - The Kremling's Revenge (USA) [Hack].avi Donkey Kong Country (USA) (Rev 2).avi Donkey Kong Country 2 - Brigand Barrage (USA) [Hack].avi Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest (USA) (Rev 1).avi Donkey Kong Country 3 - Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (USA).avi Doraemon - Nobita to Yousei no Kuni (Japan).avi Doraemon 2 - Nobita no Toys Land Daibouken (Japan).avi Doraemon 3 - Nobita to Toki no Hougyoku (Japan).avi Do-Re-Mi Fantasy - Milon no Dokidoki Daibouken (Japan) (Translated En).avi Double Dragon V - The Shadow Falls (USA).avi Doukyuusei 2 (Japan) (NP).avi Downtown Nekketsu Baseball Monogatari - Yakyuu de Shoubu da! Kunio-kun (Japan).avi Dragon Ball Z - Super Gokuu Den - Kakusei Hen (Japan) (Translated En).avi Dragon Ball Z - Super Gokuu Den - Totsugeki Hen (Japan) (Translated En).avi Dragon Quest I & II (Japan) (Translated En).avi Dragon Quest III - Soshite Densetsu e... (Japan) (Translated En).avi Dragon Quest V - Tenkuu no Hanayome (Japan) (Translated En).avi Dragon Quest VI - Maboroshi no Daichi (Japan) (Translated En).avi Dream Basketball - Dunk & Hoop (Japan).avi Dream Maze - Kigurumi Daibouken (Japan) (Translated En).avi Drift King Shutokou Battle 2 - Tsuchiya Keiichi & Bandou Masaaki (Japan).avi Drift King Shutokou Battle '94 - Tsuchiya Keiichi & Bandou Masaaki (Japan).avi Dual Orb II (Japan) (Translated En).avi Dynamic Stadium (Japan).avi Earthworm Jim (USA).avi Earthworm Jim 2 (USA).avi Edono Kiba (Japan).avi Eien no Filerna (Japan) (Translated En).avi Emerald Dragon (Japan) (Translated En).avi Emit Vol. 1 - Toki no Maigo (Japan).avi Emit Vol. 2 - Inochigake no Tabi (Japan).avi Emit Vol. 3 - Watashi ni Sayonara o (Japan).avi Energy Breaker (Japan) (Translated En).avi Esparks - Ijikuu kara no Raihousha (Japan).avi ESPN Baseball Tonight (USA).avi F-1 Grand Prix - Part II (Japan).avi F-1 Grand Prix - Part III (Japan).avi F-1 Grand Prix (Japan).avi F1 Pole Position (USA).avi F1 Pole Position 2 (Europe).avi F1 ROC - Race of Champions (USA).avi F1 ROC II - Race of Champions (USA).avi F1 World Championship Edition (Europe).avi Famicom Bunko - Hajimari no Mori (Japan) (NP).avi Famicom Tantei Club Part II - Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo (Japan) (Rev A) (NP) (Translated En).avi Fatal Fury (USA).avi Fatal Fury 2 (USA).avi Fatal Fury Special (USA).avi Feda - The Emblem of Justice (Japan) (Translated En).avi FIFA 98 - Road to World Cup (Europe).avi FIFA International Soccer (USA).avi FIFA Soccer 96 (USA).avi FIFA Soccer 97 - Gold Edition (USA).avi Fighter's History - Mizoguchi Kikiippatsu!! (Japan).avi Fighter's History (USA) (Rev 1).avi Final Fantasy IV (Japan) (Rev A) (Translated En).avi Final Fantasy V (Japan) (Translated En).avi Final Fantasy VI (Japan) (Translated En).avi Final Fight (USA).avi Final Fight 2 (USA).avi Final Fight 3 (USA).avi Final Fight Guy (USA).avi Final Stretch (Japan).avi Finalset (Japan).avi Fire Emblem - Monshou no Nazo (Japan) (Rev A) (Translated En).avi Fire Pro Joshi - All Star Dream Slam (Japan).avi Firepower 2000 (USA).avi First Samurai (USA).avi Fishing Koushien (Japan).avi Flying Hero - Bugyuru no Daibouken (Japan) (Translated En).avi From TV Animation Slam Dunk - SD Heat Up!! (Japan).avi From TV Animation Slam Dunk - Yonkyou Gekitotsu!! (Japan).avi From TV Animation Slam Dunk 2 - IH Yosen Kanzen Ban!! (Japan).avi Front Mission (Japan) (Rev A) (Translated En).avi Front Mission Series - Gun Hazard (Japan) (Translated En).avi Fune Tarou (Japan).avi Furuta Atsuya no Simulation Pro Yakyuu 2 (Japan).avi Fushigi no Dungeon 2 - Fuurai no Shiren (Japan) (Rev A) (NP) (Translated En).avi Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi (Japan).avi Galaxy Wars (Japan).avi Game no Tetsujin - The Shanghai (Japan).avi Ganbare Goemon 2 - Kiteretsu Shougun Magginesu (Japan).avi Ganbare Goemon 3 - Shishi Juurokubee no Karakuri Manjigatame (Japan).avi Ganbare Goemon Kirakira Douchuu - Boku ga Dancer ni Natta Wake (Japan) (NP).avi Ganbare! Daiku no Gen-san (Japan).avi Gangan Gan-chan (Japan).avi Ganpuru - Gunman's Proof (Japan) (Translated En).avi Gegege no Kitarou - Fukkatsu! Tenma Daiou (Japan).avi Gekitotsu Dangan Jidousha Kessen - Battle Mobile (Japan).avi Genocide 2 (Japan).avi Getsumen no Anubis (Japan).avi Ghost Chaser Densei (Japan).avi Go Go Ackman (Japan) (Translated En).avi Go! Go! Dodge League (Japan).avi Godzilla - Kaijuu Daikessen (Japan).avi Gon (Japan).avi Gourmet Sentai Barayarou (Japan) (Translated En).avi GP-1 - Part II (USA).avi Great Battle Gaiden 2, The - Matsuri da Wasshoi (Japan).avi Great Battle II, The - Last Fighter Twin (Japan).avi Great Battle III, The (Japan).avi Great Battle IV, The (Japan).avi Great Battle V, The (Japan).avi GS Mikami - Joreishi wa Nice Body (Japan).avi GT Racing (Japan).avi Hakunetsu Pro Yakyuu '93 - Ganba League (Japan).avi Hakunetsu Pro Yakyuu '94 - Ganba League 3 (Japan).avi Hameln no Violin Hiki (Japan) (Translated En).avi Hana no Keiji - Kumo no Kanata ni (Japan).avi Hashire Hebereke (Japan).avi Hat Trick Hero 2 (Japan).avi Hatayama Hatch no Pro Yakyuu News! - Jitsumei Ban (Japan).avi Hebereke no Oishii Puzzle wa Irimasenka (Japan).avi Heisei Inu Monogatari Bow - Pop'n Smash!! (Japan).avi Heisei Shin Onigashima - Kouhen (Japan).avi Heisei Shin Onigashima - Zenpen (Japan).avi Heracles no Eikou III - Kamigami no Chinmoku (Japan) (Translated En).avi Higashio Osamu Kanshuu Super Pro Yakyuu Stadium (Japan).avi Hiouden - Mamono-tachi to no Chikai (Japan) (Translated En).avi Hokuto no Ken 6 - Gekitou Denshouken Haou e no Michi (Japan).avi Hokuto no Ken 7 - Seiken Retsuden Denshousha e no Michi (Japan).avi Holy Umbrella - Dondera no Mubou!! (Japan) (Translated En).avi Honoo no Toukyuuji - Dodge Danpei (Japan).avi Hourai Gakuen no Bouken! - Tenkousei Scramble (Japan) (Translated En).avi Human Baseball (Japan).avi Human Grand Prix III - F1 Triple Battle (Japan).avi Human Grand Prix IV - F1 Dream Battle (Japan).avi Hunt for Red October, The (USA).avi Hurricanes (USA).avi Hyper Iria (Japan).avi HyperZone (USA).avi Ihatov Monogatari (Japan).avi Imperium (USA).avi Inazuma Serve da! Super Beach Volley (Japan).avi International Superstar Soccer (USA).avi International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (USA).avi Ippatsu Gyakuten (Japan).avi Isozuri - Ritou Hen (Japan).avi Itoi Shigesato no Bass Tsuri No. 1 (Japan).avi J.League '96 Dream Stadium (Japan).avi J.League Excite Stage '95 (Japan).avi J.League Excite Stage '96 (Japan).avi J.League Soccer Prime Goal (Japan).avi J.League Soccer Prime Goal 2 (Japan).avi Jelly Boy 2 (Japan) (Proto) (Translated En).avi Jerry Boy (Japan) (Translated En).avi John Madden Football (USA).avi John Madden Football '93 (USA) (Rev 1).avi Jungle Strike (USA).avi Jutei Senki (Japan) (Translated En).avi Kaite Tsukutte Asoberu Dezaemon (Japan) (Translated En).avi Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge (USA).avi Kawasaki Superbike Challenge (USA).avi Kick Off (Europe).avi Kick Off 3 - European Challenge (Europe).avi Killer Instinct (USA) (Rev 1).avi King of Dragons, The (USA).avi King of the Monsters (USA).avi Kouryuu Densetsu Villgust - Kieta Shoujo (Japan) (Translated En).avi Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball Da yo Zenin Shuugou! (Japan) (Translated En).avi Kuusou Kagaku Sekai Gulliver Boy (Japan) (Translated En).avi Lamborghini American Challenge (USA).avi Langrisser, Der (Japan) (Rev A) (Translated En).avi Laplace no Ma (Japan) (Translated En).avi Legend of Zelda, The - Goddess of Wisdom (USA) [Hack].avi Legend of Zelda, The - Parallel Worlds (Remodel) (USA) [Hack].avi Lennus II - Fuuin no Shito (Japan) (Translated En).avi Lethal Enforcers (USA).avi Little Magic (Japan) (Translated En).avi Little Master - Nijiiro no Maseki (Japan) (Translated En).avi Live A Live (Japan) (Translated En).avi Lock On (USA).avi Madden NFL '94 (USA).avi Madden NFL 95 (USA).avi Madden NFL 96 (USA).avi Madden NFL 97 (USA).avi Madden NFL 98 (USA).avi Madou Monogatari - Hanamaru Daiyouchienji (Japan) (Translated En).avi Magic Knight Rayearth (Japan) (Translated En).avi Magical Pop'n (Japan) (Translated En).avi Magna Braban - Henreki no Yuusha (Japan) (Translated En).avi Majuu Ou (Japan) (Translated En).avi Manchester United Championship Soccer (Europe).avi Metal Max Returns (Japan) (Translated En).avi Mickey to Donald - Magical Adventure 3 (Japan) (Translated En).avi Monstania (Japan) (Translated En).avi Mystic Ark (Japan) (Translated En).avi Nangoku Shounen Papuwa-kun (Japan) (Translated En).avi NBA Live 95 (USA).avi NBA Live 96 (USA).avi NBA Live 97 (USA).avi NBA Live 98 (USA).avi NCAA Basketball (USA) (Rev 1).avi NCAA Final Four Basketball (USA).avi NCAA Football (USA).avi Nekketsu Tairiku Burning Heroes (Japan) (Translated En).avi Network Q Rally (USA) (Proto).avi Neugier - Umi to Kaze no Kodou (Japan) (Translated En).avi Newman-Haas IndyCar featuring Nigel Mansell (USA).avi NFL Football (USA).avi NFL Quarterback Club (USA).avi NFL Quarterback Club 96 (USA).avi NHL '94 (USA).avi NHL '95 (USA).avi NHL '96 (USA).avi NHL '97 (USA).avi NHL '98 (USA).avi NHL Stanley Cup (USA).avi NHLPA Hockey '93 (USA).avi Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing (USA).avi Phalanx - The Enforce Fighter A-144 (USA).avi Pilotwings (USA).avi Pit-Fighter (USA).avi Popeye - Ijiwaru Majo Sea Hag no Maki (Japan) (Translated En).avi Pop'n TwinBee - Rainbow Bell Adventures (Europe).avi Pop'n TwinBee (Europe).avi Power Drive (Europe).avi Power Instinct (USA).avi Radical Dreamers - Nusume Nai Houseki (Japan) (BS) (Translated En).avi Raiden Trad (USA).avi Rendering Ranger R2 (Japan).avi Rockman & Forte (Japan) (Translated En).avi Romancing SaGa 3 (Japan) (Rev A) (Translated En).avi Rudra no Hihou (Japan) (Translated En).avi Ryuuki Heidan Danzarb (Japan) (Translated En).avi Sanrio World Smash Ball! (Japan) (Translated En).avi Seiken Densetsu 3 (Japan) (Translated En).avi Shin Megami Tensei (Japan) (Rev A) (Translated En).avi Shin Megami Tensei II (Japan) (Translated En).avi Shin Nekketsu Kouha - Kunio-tachi no Banka (Japan) (Translated En).avi Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (Japan) (Translated En).avi Silva Saga II - The Legend of Light and Darkness (Japan) (Translated En).avi Slayers (Japan) (Translated En).avi Snoopy Concert (Japan) (Translated En).avi Star Fox 2 (Japan) (Proto) (Alt 1) (Translated En).avi Star Ocean (Japan) (Translated En).avi Super Back to the Future Part II (Japan) (Translated En).avi Super Bomberman 4 (Japan) (Translated En).avi Super Demo World - The Legend Continues (USA) [Hack].avi Super Fire Pro Wrestling - Queen's Special (Japan) (Translated En).avi Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium (Japan) (Translated En).avi Super Gachapon World - SD Gundam X (Japan) (Translated En).avi Super Mario Kart - Pro Edition (USA) [Hack].avi Super Mario World - Competition Cartridge (USA) [Hack].avi Super Mario World - Enhanced (Hack) (USA).avi Super Mario World Deluxe (USA) [Hack].avi Super Metroid - Eris (Japsn, USA) [Hack].avi Super Metroid - Ice Metal ( (Japan, USA) [Alternate Palette] [Hack].avi Super Off Road (USA).avi Super Punch-Out!! (USA).avi Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu (Japan) (Translated En).avi Super R-Type (USA).avi Tactics Ogre - Let Us Cling Together (Japan) (Rev B) (Translated En).avi Tales of Phantasia (Japan) (Translated En).avi Tenchi Muyou! - Game Hen (Japan) (Translated En).avi Thoroughbred Breeder (Japan).avi Thoroughbred Breeder II (Japan).avi Thoroughbred Breeder III (Japan).avi Thunderbirds - Kokusai Kyuujotai Shutsudou seyo! (Japan).avi Toride (Japan).avi Torneco no Daibouken - Fushigi no Dungeon (Japan) (Rev A) (Translated En).avi Touge Densetsu - Saisoku Battle (Japan).avi Treasure Hunter G (Japan) (Translated En).avi Tsuppari Oozumou - Risshinshusse Hen (Japan).avi Tsuri Tarou (Japan).avi Tsuyoshi Shikkari Shinasai - Taisen Puzzle Dama (Japan).avi Turf Hero (Japan).avi Turf Memories (Japan).avi U.F.O. Kamen Yakisoban - Kettler no Kuroi Inbou (Japan).avi Ugoku E Ver. 2.0 - Aryol (Japan).avi Ultra Baseball Jitsumei Ban 2 (Japan).avi Ultra Baseball Jitsumei Ban 3 (Japan).avi Umihara Kawase (Japan) (Translated En).avi Umizuri Meijin - Suzuki Hen (Japan).avi Ushio to Tora (Japan).avi Wally o Sagase! - Ehon no Kuni no Daibouken (Japan).avi Wedding Peach (Japan).avi Winning Post (Japan).avi Winning Post 2 - Program '96 (Japan).avi Wizardry I-II-III - Story of Llylgamyn (Japan) (NP) (Translated En).avi Wonder Project J - Kikai no Shounen Pino (Japan) (Translated En).avi Xak - The Art of Visual Stage (Japan).avi Yadamon - Wonderland Dreams (Japan).avi Yakouchuu (Japan).avi Yam Yam (Japan).avi Yoshi no Cookie - Kuruppon Oven de Cookie (Japan).avi Ys IV - Mask of the Sun (Japan) (Translated En).avi Zaitaku Touhyou System - SPAT4-Wide (Japan).avi Zakuro no Aji (Japan).avi Zenkoku Koukou Soccer (Japan).avi Zenkoku Koukou Soccer 2 (Japan).avi Zig Zag Cat - Dachou Club mo Oosawagi da (Japan).avi Click here to view the article
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    Version 1.0


    EmuMovies Official Video Snap Collection for the Sega Hikaru Arcade System High Quality Pack - 5 Videos - 209MB Standard Quality Pack - 5 Videos - 36MB Captures, Edits & Encoding @Circo Standard Quality - Site, FTP, Sync High Quality - FTP, Sync High Quality Standard Quality If you would like to help make this collection better, please submit missing or replacement media in our Submissions Area Upgraded members can also download this collection via our FTP File Server and our EmuMovies Sync application
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    Version 1.1


    EmuMovies Official 3D Boxes Pack for the Nintendo Wii Availability - Site, FTP, Sync
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    Version 1.0


    2D Tapes Pack for the Hector HRX Availability - Site, FTP, Sync
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    Version 1.0


    Apple II Default Platform Video High Quality - Site, FTP, Sync
  42. 2 points

    Version 1.0


    Casio Loopy Unified Platform Video High Definition - Site, FTP, Sync
  43. 2 points

    Version 1.0


    Camputers Lynx Unified Platform Video High Definition - Site, FTP, Sync
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is an overlay for the Atari 2600 which features a fine woodgrain finish surrounding the screen with pictures of the various controllers.
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    View File New retroarch console overlays for 1680x1050 resolution This is my new edited retroarch console overlays, credits goes to bodomterror who make them for 1080p resolution. Sony Playstation settings: integer scale off, aspect ratio custom, viewport x 395, viewport y 160, viewport width 887, viewport height 656. Nintendo 64 fixed settings: integer scale off, aspect ratio custom, viewport x 395, viewport y 160, viewport width 887, viewport height 656. At the bottom is nintendo 64 fixed file. Snes fixed settings: integer scale off, aspect ratio custom, viewport x 330, viewport y 104, viewport width 1016, viewport height 766. At the bottom is Snes fixed file Nes settings: integer scale off, aspect ratio custom, viewport x 305, viewport y 146, viewport width 871, viewport height 661. Sega Genesis settings: integer scale off, aspect ratio custom, viewport x 330, viewport y 104, viewport width 1016, viewport height 766. Nintendo 6.. snes fixed.. Submitter ljubinko Submitted 08/29/2017 Category Bezels & Overlays Resolution 1680x1050 Naming Convention File Count 0  
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    From the album: dfwArcade's MANCAVE

    The garag... I mean Mancave is starting to take shape. It's been a work in progress but finally looking great. She lights up well at night. Needs more cowbell and some neon beer signs. I'm statred on a second standup cab that'll showcase a Gateway Destination 36" monitor!! It's working on the bench, now I need to make a custom cab. I'll post pics during the build. I'm shooting for Memorial Day weekend.
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    Another round of new PSP videos for you guys. This update includes 74 new video snaps. As I mentioned in the previous update a few days ago this set is still very much in WIP status and therefore only available on the F.T.P. and Download Service. This update brings the set to 251 videos in total. Videos Added/Replaced - 74 (Circo) 101 in 1 Megamix (USA)Adventures to Go! (USA)Aedis Eclipse - Generation of Chaos (USA)Age of Hammer Wars (USA) (minis)Age of Zombies (USA) (minis)AI Go (Japan)AI Majong (Japan)Air Conflicts - Aces of World War II (USA)Akudaikan Manyuuki (Japan)Alien Havoc (USA) (minis)Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem (USA)Ancient Game Treasures Mill (USA) (minis)Another Century's Episode Portable (Japan)Ape Escape - On the Loose (USA)Ape Escape Academy (USA)Aqua Panic (Europe)Aquattack! (USA) (minis)Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling (USA) (minis)Arcade Darts (USA) (minis)Arcade Essentials (USA) (minis)Arcade Essentials Evolution (USA) (minis)Arcade Pool (USA) (minis)Archer Maclean's Mercury (USA)Archibald's Adventures (USA) (minis)Armored Core - Last Raven Portable (USA)Armored Core - Silent Line Portable (USA)Army of Two - The 40th Day (USA)Assassin's Creed - Bloodlines (USA)Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 - Mission Wifix (Europe)Astonishia Story (USA)Astro Boy - The Video Game (USA)Atari Classics Evolved (USA)Athena (USA) (minis)Avatar - The Last Airbender (USA)BABEL - The King of the Blocks (USA) (minis)Ballpen Koujou 2 (Japan) (minis)Basha Baloot (Europe) (minis)Basha Card Game Collection (Europe) (minis)Basha Tarneeb (Europe) (minis)Basha Trix (Europe) (minis)Bashi Blocks (USA) (minis)Battle Poker (USA) (minis)BattleZone (USA)Beach Buzzin' Chopper (Europe) (minis)Beam 'em Up (USA) (minis)Beaterator (USA)Bejeweled 2 (USA)Ben 10 - Alien Force (USA)Bermuda Triangle (USA) (minis)Best of Solitaire (USA) (minis)Blast Off (USA) (minis)Bloons (USA) (minis)Bloons TD (USA) (minis)Brave Story - New Traveler (USA)Bubble Bobble Evolution (USA)Burnin' Rubber (USA) (minis)Buzz! - Brain Bender (Europe)Buzz! - Brain of the World (Europe)Buzz! - Master Quiz (USA)Buzz! - Quiz World (USA)Gran Turismo (USA)Marvel - Ultimate Alliance (USA)Metal Gear Solid - Digital Graphic Novel (USA)MX vs. ATV Unleashed On the Edge (USA)One Two Boat Racing (USA) (minis)Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (USA)Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (USA)SBK - Superbike World Championship (USA)SBK 07 - Superbike World Championship (Europe)SBK 09 - Superbike World Championship (Europe)WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007 (USA)WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 featuring ECW (USA)WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2009 featuring ECW (USA)WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2010 (USA) EmuMovies DSU 2.2 Category: EmuMovies Download Service Last Updated Jan 26 2015 12:01 AM Click here to view the article
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    This update for the Sony PlayStation 2 video snap set includes 90 new videos. This brings this work in progress set to 1,037. This updates includes content captured by Circo, Trnzaddict and Riffman81. Videos Added - 90 (Circo, Trnzaddict, Riffman81) Clock Tower 3 (USA)Crimson Sea 2 (USA)Crimson Tears (USA)Crusty Demons (Europe)CSI - Crime Scene Investigation - 3 Dimensions of Murder (USA)Culdcept (USA)Curious George (USA)Curse - The Eye of Isis (Europe)Cy Girls (USA) (Disc 1) (Ice)Cy Girls (USA) (Disc 2) (Aska)Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Marz (USA)Cyclone Circus (Europe)Da Vinci Code, The (USA)Dai Senryaku VII - Modern Military Tactics Exceed (USA)Dakar 2 (Europe)Dark Chronicle (Europe)Dark Summit (Europe)Darkwatch (USA)Dawn of Mana (USA)Deer Hunter (USA)Delta Force - Black Hawk Down - Team Sabre (USA)Delta Force - Black Hawk Down (USA)Demon Chaos (Europe)Demon Stone (USA)Despicable Me - The Game (USA)Destroy All Humans! (USA)Destroy All Humans! 2 (USA)Detonator (Europe)Deus Ex - The Conspiracy (USA)Diabolik - The Original Sin (Europe)DICE - DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises (USA)Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (USA)Digimon World - Data Squad (USA)Digimon World 4 (USA)Digital Hitz Factory (USA)Dino Stalker (USA)Dirge of Cerberus - Final Fantasy VII (USA)Disaster Report (USA)Disney Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End (USA)Disney-Pixar Finding Nemo (USA)Disney-Pixar Monsters, Inc. (USA)Disney-Pixar Ratatouille (USA)DJ - Decks & FX - House Edition (Europe, Australia)Document of Metal Gear Solid 2, The (Europe)Downhill Slalom (Europe)Drome Racers (Europe)DTM Race Driver (Europe)DTM Race Driver 2 (Europe)DTM Race Driver 3 (Europe)Dynasty Tactics (USA)Dynasty Tactics 2 (USA)Ecco the Dolphin - Defender of the Future (USA)Eternal Quest (Europe)European Tennis Pro (Europe)Extermination (USA)Extreme Sprint 3010 (Europe)Ghostbusters - The Video Game (USA)Global Defence Force (Europe)Grandia II (USA)Half-Life (USA)Jak 3 (USA)Jak II (USA)Jet X2O (USA)kill.switch (USA)Legaia 2 - Duel Saga (USA)Maximo vs Army of Zin (USA)Midnight Club - Street Racing (USA)NanoBreaker (USA)Onimusha 3 - Demon Siege (USA)Onimusha Blade Warriors (USA)Red Star, The (USA)Resident Evil - Dead Aim (USA)Resident Evil Outbreak (USA)Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 (USA)Resident Evil Survivor 2 - Code - Veronica (Europe)Rygar - The Legendary Adventure (USA)Sega Classics Collection (USA)Sega Rally 2006 (Japan)Shadow of Ganymede (Europe)Shinobi (USA)Sly 3 - Honor Among Thieves (USA)Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (USA)Syphon Filter - Dark Mirror (USA)Syphon Filter - Logan's Shadow (USA)Syphon Filter - The Omega Strain (USA)Tenchu - Fatal Shadows (USA)Tenchu - Wrath of Heaven (USA)Time Crisis 3 (USA)Time Crisis II (USA)X-Files - Resist or Serve, The (USA) EmuMovies DSU 2.1 Category: EmuMovies Download Service Last Updated Jul 16 2014 11:07 AM Click here to view the article
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    The archive contains support for these systems: 32x.map a2600.map a2600_cass.map a5200.map a7800.map coleco.map gameboy.map gamegear.map gba.map gbcolor.map intv.map jaguar.map lynx.map megadriv.map n64.map nes.map pce.map sms.map snes.map tg16.map vectrex.map With the use of Excel & Notepad/TextPad I was able to match up the zip files with the names. GameEx will now display the full name instead of the name of the zip file. Extract the archive to ?:\GameEx\MAP FILES and point to the map file in the Advanced Emulator Setup section. EviLEd. 21.Map.Files.For.Mess.v0.154.7z
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