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    Just downloaded these video themes but I'm having trouble setting them up in HyperSpin. Could someone please help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks 🙂
    2 points
    Amazing Collection, of COMPLETE NES chiptunes !!!!!!!!! all chiptunes from my fav games in absolute perfect quality . Also i like how contructed is each song; all subtunes from game, its a one long song like a mix, without silent between subtunes ❤️ Absolutely love, and every Fun of NES, must have this Collection ❤️
    1 point
    Amazing pack. I really appreciate all the work that was put into producing this. Thank you kindly!
    1 point
    These are perfect for my Arcade collection. Thanks a lot!
    1 point
    Love this packs. I've tried to do the same thing with Hypertheme and record them but the result is not as good (jumpy video)
    1 point
  1. 1 point
    Fantastically designed! Keep in mind, these are just bezels/overlays for the 5 games pictured above.
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