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  1. From the album: New Build

    Just a shot of my old arcade machine. Built this up a long time ago when I had no money, no tools, no skill. Had Lowes cut the MDF, borrowed a drill and put a bunch of junk parts in it I got from dumpster diving, trash collections or donations The X-Arcade was from when I used to do reviews for htpcnews.com and the cabinet was built around it. Had to make it a slim profile cabinet as there really isn't much room for a full sized one. Recently the 19" 4x3 LCD died and I had to replace it. Once that happened though the itch to rebuild using hyperspin really got to me and I had to start. Next cabinet will still be a slim profile but with many improvements. I now have a garage full of tools, more experience with making stuff, and a garage full of materials to get me started. Currently I'm working on the PC side getting all the roms managed right, organized, movies and artwork downloaded, setting up hyperspin etc etc. I'll post updates of the build as it starts.
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  2. Tron themed cabinet running Hyperspin
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  3. From the album: dfwArcade's MANCAVE

    Why do I have the feeling the kids are going to grow up Sammy Hagger fans? Notice the old school Alpine CD player. My only chance at a classic sports car in the garage. It even has room for the family dog to go for a drive. It plays Tempest and the classic racing games... even Arkanoid. Really cool way to play games. The sound is fantastic, you can feel the speakers pounding in your back.
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  4. From the album: dfwArcade's MANCAVE

    The garag... I mean Mancave is starting to take shape. It's been a work in progress but finally looking great. She lights up well at night. Needs more cowbell and some neon beer signs. I'm statred on a second standup cab that'll showcase a Gateway Destination 36" monitor!! It's working on the bench, now I need to make a custom cab. I'll post pics during the build. I'm shooting for Memorial Day weekend.
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  5. From the album: dfwArcade's MANCAVE

    Our kids wanted to know about classic videogames and then I discovered Mame. Built this machine a few years ago and finally have it running HS and will showcase all the goodies from Emu. I'm a graphic designer so she'll have plenty of custom tweaks! Went Xarcade and really enjoyed learning all the ins and outs of emulating games. Nothing beats trying to save the world with your kiddos!
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  6. From the album: dfwArcade's MANCAVE

    I bought an old cab Atari PP and converted it to Mame. It was in great shape and was a fun project to covert. I learned these were made in Ireland back in the day, less than 2000 and now I have one in the Mancave! Pretty sweet!! I did some design work for Andy at Ultimarc and got some goodies for the build. I redesigned his Aim-Trac lightgun logo and packaging using my years of design skills for something good not evil!
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  7. From the album: Building a Mame Cabinet

    Took a few pictures to show a friend that it is up and running with Big Box
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  9. From the album: CadeKrazy's MAME cade

    Custom MAME Marquee by: by: gameongrafix.com. Installed with backlighting switched off
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  10. From the album: CadeKrazy's MAME cade

    Partying like its 1985!
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