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    @Mr_RETROLUST It's a shame that these use launchbox database naming, we can't actually add it to our official sections. We need actual mame names which is what launchbox and other fe's actually scrape the service for. That being said awesome work, please let us know if you do a set with proper MAME naming.
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    View File Pinball FX3 Flyby Videos Flyby videos for the current 28 tables that are available in Pinball FX3 recorded in 4:3 640x480. These are for all the new tables released so far for Pinball FX3, for the rest of the tables use the flyby videos from Pinball FX2. Three Pinball FX2 videos will need renaming for Pinball FX3 they are: STARWARS_Episode_7 to STARWARS_Episode7 STARWARS_MFO to STARWARS_AVCO2 STARWARS_RogueOne to STARWARS_LAPB Submitter RetroNi Submitted 05/29/2019 Category Video Snap Submissions Resolution 640x480 Naming Frame Rate 60 FPS File Count 25  
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    It's going to download the media with the proper names matching your roms and you just need to place the downloaded media in the proper retropie folders. I don't actually use retropie but it should be a fairly simple affair.
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    Hi, I'm afraid I no longer have the original template...I don't know what happened to it, but I do have the gloss for some reason. I'll attach it Mame Gloss Large.psd
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    View File MAME Video Snaps Pack (SQ) EmuMovies Official Video Snap Collection for MAME Standard Quality - Site, FTP, Sync High Quality - FTP, Sync High Quality Standard Quality If you would like to help make this collection better, please submit missing or replacement media in our Submissions Area Upgraded members can also download this collection via our FTP File Server and our EmuMovies Sync application Submitter Circo Submitted 12/12/2016 Category Game Videos Resolution SQ 320x240 / HQ 640x480 Naming Convention MAME Frame Rate 60 FPS 30 FPS Total Files in Collection 4845 File Count 486  
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    View File Sega Genesis 3D Boxes Pack (Authentic) (HyperList) EmuMovies Official Authentic 3D Boxes Pack for the Sega Genesis (HyperList) Availability - Site, FTP & Sync This is a complete collection of 3D Boxes for the Sega Genesis Hyperlist set. Big thanks to @DamnedRegistrations for his original files and @IceLancer for his advise and additions to this project EUROPEAN MEGA DRIVE 3D BOXES CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE: JAPANESE MEGA DRIVE 3D BOXES CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE: Submitter Robin55 Submitted 01/28/2019 Category Artwork Resolution 729x1134 Naming Total Files in Collection 942 File Count 942  
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    View File Microsoft XBOX 3D Boxes Pack (HQ) EmuMovies Official 3D Boxes Pack for the Microsoft XBOX Availability - Site, FTP, Sync This is a complete Hyperlist collection of original Microsoft XBox 3D Boxes. Some of the boxes are not official but that was all that was available. The Hyperlist XML this set is based off is included. If you find my work of use could you please consider donating to my Patreon found here: https://www.patreon.com/RobinLevingstone Microsoft Xbox.xml LIST OF GAMES COVERED: Submitter Robin55 Submitted 07/01/2018 Category Artwork Resolution 567x878 Naming Hyperlist File Count 984
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