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    Same for me. Justy made a post about it in general >.< Just renewed my memebership as well, lol.
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    View File MAME HyperSpin Video Themes (4x3) (HQ) (Pack 1) HyperSpin Video Themes Pack for MAME (4x3) (HQ) Availability: High Definition - FTP & Sync / High Quality - Site & FTP Thanks to the HyperSpin team for allowing EmuMovies to host these themes in video format High Definition (FTP, Sync) Resolution 1440x1080 Video Count 3,683 Total Size 41.7GB Frame Rate 60 Audio 192 kbit/s High Quality (Site, FTP) Resolution 960x720 Video Count 3,683 Total Size 22.6GB Frame Rate 30 Audio 192 kbit/s Submitter CriticalCid Submitted 11/29/2016 Category Themed Videos Resolution HQ - 960x720 (4x3) Naming MAME Frame Rate 30 FPS Total Files in Collection 3683 File Count 1122  
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    View File Sega Genesis HyperSpin Video Themes (4x3) (HQ) HyperSpin Video Themes Pack for the Sega Genesis (4x3) (HQ) Availability: High Definition - FTP & Sync / High Quality - Site & FTP Thanks to the HyperSpin team for allowing EmuMovies to host these themes in video format High Definition (FTP, Sync) Resolution 1440x1080 Video Count 60 Total Size 1.16GB Frame Rate 60 Audio 192 kbit/s High Quality (Site, FTP) Resolution 960x720 Video Count 60 Total Size 546MB Frame Rate 30 Audio 192 kbit/s Submitter Riffman81 Submitted 01/30/2019 Category Themed Videos Resolution HQ - 960x720 (4x3) Naming No-Intro / HyperBase Frame Rate 30 FPS File Count 60  
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    Hi, I saw there aren't any video snaps for Nintendo 3DS so i wanted to make some. I will put everything i make into my MEGA folder to share with you guys. MEGA FOLDER Notes: - Those have all correct names so just drop them into Launchbo\Videos\Nintendo 3DS folder and they will work in Big Box mode no problem. - My MEGA folder contains also some other stuff like missing Clear Logos for some 3DS games Launchbox couldn't scrape from EmuMovies - All those are made by Me. Users and EmuMovies are free to use them as they see fit. If EmuMovies want to add them to database i have no problem with it. - I will be updating naturally this folder so you can check in from time to time see if there is something new. - If you have weird feeling that some music is just a bit weird... it is normal. I used Citra and currently Citra has little weird audio, when Citra fixes it i will re-record all of them. List: Animal Crossing New Leaf Bravely Default Dragon Ball Fusions Etrian Odyssey V Beyond the Myth Fantasy Life Fire Emblem Awakening Fire Emblem Fates Mario Kart 7 Monster Hunter Generations Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology Rune Factory 4 Shin Megami Tensei IV Story of Seasons - Trio of Towns Super Mario 3D Land Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Tomodachi Life Yo-kai Watch Zero Escape - Virtue's Last Reward Zero Escape - Zero Time Dilemma I will naturally try to update that list with new videos. Any input on quality etc. is welcome. I tried to find good balance between quality and size (each takes about 4mb max) and they are around 50 seconds each. Changelog: - 2018-03-26 - added 5 more game videos - 2018-03-25 - added 3 more game videos - 2018-03-24 - Initial commit
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    This is a completely new set of videos for use with the HyperPin Front-End. I wasn't completely happy with the test set of 147 videos that we put out in 2011 so I was able to find a better capture method with higher quality and frame-rates. Also I have been able to tweak the encoding process to make the file sizes almost half of what they were last year. For example the 2011 test of 147 videos was about 2GB in size, this new set of 425 videos is 3GB in size while actually improving quality. These are in no way re-encodes of existing videos and are exclusive to EmuMovies. This set is fully current as of the release date but if you notice some tables missing or have any requests please let us know in the support topic. Set Details Videos [1080p] 1920x1080 Video ResolutionF4V x264 encodingSample Video File Listing Spoiler 250cc (Inder) (1992) (JPSalas) (1.1.0).f4v311 (Aaron James) (1.0).f4v Aaron Spelling (Data East) (1992) (Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Abra Ca Dabra (Gottlieb) (1975) (pinuck) (2.0.0).f4v ACDC (JPSalas, Grizz) (1.0.2).f4v Addams Family TV, The (Other) (2010) (Bob5453) (2010).f4v Addams Family, The (Bally) (1992) (melon) (2.0.1).f4v Agents 777 (Gameplan) (1984) (Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Airborne (Capcom) (1996) (Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Ali (Stern) (1980) (JPSalas) (1.3.0).f4v Alien Poker (Williams) (1980) (unclewilly) (1.0.0).f4v Alien Poker (Williams) (1980) (unclewilly) (MB) (1.0.0).f4v Alien Star (Gottlieb) (1984) (Destruk) (2.1.0).f4v Amazing Spiderman, The - Xmas Edition (Gottlieb) (1980) (Bob5453) (2011).f4v Amazing Spiderman, The (Gottlieb) (1980) (Bob5453) (2010).f4v Amazing Spiderman, The (Gottlieb) (1980) (Bob5453, Rosve) (2012).f4v Amazon Hunt (Gottlieb) (1983) (Destruk, LuvThatApex, nico193, Todd) (1.0.0).f4v America (Other) (1986) (Destruk) (1.1.0).f4v Andromeda (Gameplan) (1985) (Destruk, Lander, Inkochnito) (1.0.0).f4v Antar (Playmatic System 2) (1979) (Mickey) (1.1.0).f4v Apollo 13 (Sega) (1995) (vidmouse) (1.3.0).f4v Arena (Gottlieb) (1987) (Destruk) (2.1.0).f4v Attack & Revenge from Mars (Other) (2010) (JPSalas) (2.3.1).f4v Attack from Mars (Bally) (1995) (JPSalas) (2.3.1).f4v Avro Arrow Redux (Other) (2010) (Todd) (1.0.1).f4v Avro Arrow Tribute (Other) (2010) (Todd) (1.0.3).f4v Baby Pacman (Bally) (1982) (unclewilly) (1.0.0).f4v Back to the Future (Data East) (1990) (Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Back to the Future (Data East) (1990) (JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Bad Cats (Williams) (1989) (JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Bad Girls (Gottlieb) (1988) (Destruk) (1.4.0).f4v Bally Game Show, The (Bally) (1990) (JPSalas) (1.0.1).f4v Banzai Run (Williams) (1988) (GRONI) (1.0.2).f4v Barb Wire (Gottlieb) (1996) (Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Barracora (Williams) (1981) (Destruk) (1.2.0).f4v Batman (Data East) (1991) (Lord Hiryu) (1.0.0).f4v Batman (Data East) (1991) (Subzero, Pinball Ken, Sellenoff, luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v Baywatch (Sega) (1995) (bmiki75) (1.0.4).f4v Beat the Clock (Bally) (1985) (Destruk) (1.2.0).f4v Beatles, The (Bob5453) (2012b).f4v Bell Ringer (Gottlieb) (1990) (Destruk) (1.1.0).f4v Big Bang Bar (Capcom) (1996) (unclewilly, Grizz) (1.0.0).f4v Big Game (Stern) (1980) (JPSalas, Iceman5000) (1.0.2).f4v Big Hit (Gottlieb) (1977) (Itchigo, LucasBuck, Luvthatapex) (1.0).f4v Big House (Gottlieb) (1989) (Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Big Hurt (Gottlieb) (1995) (Destruk) (5.7.0).f4v Big Town (Playmatic) (1978) (TAB, Destruk) (1.0.2).f4v Black Belt (Bally) (1986) (Destruk) (1.1.0).f4v Black Belt (Bally) (1986) (Destruk, LuvThatApex) (1.0.0).f4v Black Hole (Gottlieb) (1981) (Mostly Decaf, PataTrox) (1.0.0).f4v Black Jack (Bally) (1976) (Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Black Knight (Williams) (1980) (JPSalas) (2.2.1).f4v Black Knight 2000 (Williams) (1989) (Lord Hiryu) (1.0.0).f4v Black Pyramid (Bally) (1984) (unclewilly) (1.0.0).f4v Black Rose (Bally) (1992) (Destruk) (2.0.0).f4v Black Rose (Bally) (1992) (Lord Hiryu) (2.1.0).f4v Black Rose (Bally) (1992) (Lord Hiryu, rob046) (1.3).f4v Black Sabbath the 70's (jpsalas, Grizz) (1.0.0).f4v Black Sabbath the 80's (jpsalas, Grizz) (1.0.0).f4v Black Sheep Squadron (Astro Games Inc.) (1979) (Vidmouse) (1.0.0).f4v Black Velvet (Gameplan) (1978) (Destruk) (3.0.0).f4v Blackout (Williams) (1980) (JPSalas, Iceman5000) (1.0.0).f4v Bone Busters (Gottlieb) (1989) (Destruk) (1.1.0).f4v Bow and Arrow (Bally) (1974) (JPSalas, Iceman5000) (1.0.3).f4v Bram Stoker's Dracula (Williams) (1993) (JPSalas) (1.0.4).f4v Bram Stoker's Dracula (Williams) (1993) (JPSalas, JimmyFingers) (1.04.1).f4v Brave Team (Inder) (1995) (JPSalas, Todd) (1.0.0).f4v Brave Team (Other) (1985) (Destruk) (2.0.0).f4v Breakshot (Capcom) (1996) (Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Buck Rogers (Gottlieb) (1980) (Vidmouse) (1.0.0).f4v Cactus Canyon (Bally) (1998) (Lord Hiryu, MRCMRC) (1.0.1).f4v Cactus Canyon (High Noon MOD) (Williams) (1998) (Lord Hiryu, MRCMRC) (1.06).f4v Camel Lights (Gameplan) (1978) (Destruk) (2.0.0).f4v Captain Fantastic (Bally) (1976) (rosve) (1.0.8).f4v Captain Hook (Gameplan) (1995) (Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Caribbean Cruise (Gottlieb) (1989) (Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Casperville (Bally) (1966) (starman) (1.0.0).f4v Cavaleiro Negro (Taito) (1981) (Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Centaur (Bally) (1981) (Lord Hiryu) (1.0.0).f4v Centegrade 37 (Gottlieb) (1977) (pinuck) (1.0.2).f4v Central Park (Gottlieb) (1966) (rosve) (1.0.4).f4v Chance (Playmatic) (1978) (TAB, Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Charlie's Angel (Gottlieb) (1978) (TAB, Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Charlie's Angels (Gottlieb) (1978) (Pinuck) (1.1).f4v Checkpoint (Data East) (1991) (Zedonius, Bodydump) (1.2).f4v Cheetah (Stern) (1980) (Destruk) (2.0.0).f4v Chuck-A-Luck (Gameplan) (1978) (Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Cirqus Voltaire (Bally) (1997) (JPSalas) (1.1.0).f4v Cirqus Voltaire (Bally) (1997) (jpsalas, rosve) (1.3.1).f4v City Slicker (Bally) (1987) (Destruk) (1.1.0).f4v Class of 1812 (Gottlieb) (1991) (JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Close Encounters of The Third Kind (Gottlieb) (1978) (pinuck) (1.0.2).f4v Combat (Zaccaria) (1977) (Vidmouse) (1.0.0).f4v Conan (Rowamet) (1983) (TAB, Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Coney Island (Gameplan) (1979) (Eala Dubh Sidhe, Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Congo (Williams) (1995) (JPSalas, bodydump) (1.0.1).f4v Corvette (Bally) (1994) (85vett, Destruk) (1.01).f4v Cosmic Gunfight (Williams) (1982) (Koadic, OldSkoolGamer, ICPjuggla, Rob046) (1.1... Cosmic Princess (Stern) (1979) (JPSalas) (1.0.1).f4v Cosmic Princess (Stern) (1979) (JPSalas) (1.0.2).f4v Cowboys and Indians (Original) (2012) (Itchigo) (1.0.0).f4v Creature from the Black Lagoon (Bally) (1992) (unclewilly) (1.1).f4v Creature from the Black Lagoon (Williams) (1992) (Unclewilly, rob046) (1.6.0).f4v Cueball Wizard (Gottlieb) (1992) (JPSalas) (1.2.1).f4v Cueball Wizard (Premier) (1992) (jpsalas) (1.3.0).f4v Cyclone (Williams) (1988) (melon) (1.0.0).f4v Cyclopes (Gameplan) (1985) (Eala Dubh Sidhe, Destruk, Moogster66) (1.0.0).f4v Cyclopes (Gameplan) (1985) (Eala Dubh Sidhe, Destruk, Moogster66) (1.0.1).f4v Daffy Duck (Original) (2010) (Bob5453) (2011 FS).f4v Dale Jr. (Stern) (2007) (Destruk, pakitt 1) (1.0.0).f4v Dark Rider (A. H. Geiger) (1985) (TAB, Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Dark Rider (A. H. Geiger) (1985) (TAB, Todd) (1.0.0).f4v Def Leppard (The Pinball World Tour) (Aaron James) (2.0).f4v Demolition Man (Williams) (1994) (bmiki75) (1.0.6).f4v Devil Riders (Zaccaria) (1983) (luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v Diamond Lady (Gottlieb) (1998) (JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Diner (Williams) (1990) (Pacdude, pakitt 1) (1.0.0).f4v Dino Turbo (A. H. Geiger) (1985) (TAB, Todd) (1.0.0).f4v Dipsy Doodle (Williams) (1971) (Rosve, Osprey101) (1.0.2).f4v Dirty Harry (Williams) (1995) (Pacdude, el_timbo) (1.0.0).f4v Disco Fever (Williams) (1978) (oooPLAYER1ooo) (1.0).f4v Doctor Who (Bally) (1992) (oooPLAYER1ooo, unclewilly) (1.0).f4v Dolly Parton (Bally) (1978) (JPSalas) (1.1.0).f4v Dolly Parton (Bally) (1978) (JPSalas, Iceman5000) (1.0.1).f4v Dolphin (Other) (1974) (Sabbat Moon, CompuFox) (1.0.3).f4v Dr. Dude (Bally) (1990) (bmiki75, Rascal) (1.0.1).f4v Dr. Dude (Bally) (1990) (bmiki75, Rascal) (2.0.0).f4v Dracula (Stern) (1979) (TAB, Todd) (1.0.1).f4v Dragon (Original) (2010) (Bob5453) (2011 FS).f4v Dragon (Original) (2010) (Bob5453, Sabbat Moon) (1.0.3. Gone).f4v Dragon Fist (Stern) (1982) (LuvThatApex, Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Drop A Card (Original) (2010) (Bob5453) (2011 FS).f4v Earth Wind Fire (Zaccaria) (1981) (LuvThatApex, TAB, Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Earthshaker (Williams) (1995) (bmiki75) (2.0.1).f4v Eight Ball (Bally) (1977) (MEGAPIN, moogster66) (1.0.0).f4v Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally) (1984) (JPSalas) (1.2.0).f4v El Bueno el Feo y el Malo (Original) (2010) (JPSalas, Sabbat Moon) (1.0.0. FS).f4v El Dorado (Gottlieb) (1975) (JPSalas, Todd) (1.0.1).f4v Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally) (1989) (JPSalas) (1.1.0).f4v Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally) (1989) (JPSalas) (1.2.0).f4v Elvis (Stern) (2004) (JPSalas) (1.0.2).f4v Elvis (Stern) (2004) (JPSalas, unclewilly) (1.1.0).f4v Embryon (Bally) (1980) (PacDude, Kruge99) (1.0.0).f4v F-14 Tomcat (Williams) (1987) (JPSalas) (1.0.1).f4v F-14 Tomcat (Williams) (1987) (JPSalas, Iceman5000) (5.01.0).f4v Faces (Sega) (1976) (Rosve) (2.0.1).f4v Faces (Sonic) (1976) (rosve) (2.0.5).f4v Faeton (Juegos Populares) (1986) (JPSalas, Destruk) (1.0.1).f4v Faeton (Other) (1986) (JPSalas, Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Farfalla (Zaccaria) (1983) (Erwin, Spalmer, luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v Fast Draw (Gottlieb) (1975) (JPSalas, Todd) (1.0.1).f4v Fathom (Bally) (1980) (unclewilly, grizz) (2.0).f4v Fireball (Bally) (1972) (starman) (1.0.0).f4v FirePower (Williams) (1980) (UncleReamus, Noah Fentz) (1.1.0).f4v FirePower (Williams) (1980) (UncleReamus, Noah Fentz, JimmyFingers) (FS) ( Fish Tales (Williams) (1992) (melon) (1.02).f4v Fish Tales (Williams) (1992) (pakitt 1) (1.0.0).f4v Flash (Williams) (1979) (JPSalas) (1.2.0).f4v Flash Gordon (Bally) (1981) (TAB) (1.0.1).f4v Flash Gordon (Original) (2011) (rosve) (1.0.2).f4v Flight 2000 (Stern) (1980) (JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Flintstones (Williams) (1994) (JPSalas) (1.0.2).f4v Flintstones (Williams) (1994) (JPSalas, Groni, unclewilly, kingb33, JimWeinstein)... Flintstones (Williams) (1994) (JPSalas, Groni, unclewilly, kingb33, JimWeinstein)... Flip Flop (Bally) (1976) (Humid, Ash) (1.0.1).f4v Flipper Football (Capcom) (1996) (JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Fly High (A. H. Geiger) (1982) (TAB, Todd) (1.0.0).f4v Forbidden Planet (Original) (2010) (Tii) (1.0).f4v FourMillionB.C. (Bally) (1971) (starman) (1.0.1).f4v Frankenstein (Sega) (1995) (pakitt 1) (1.0.0).f4v Freddy - A Nightmare on Elm Street (Gottlieb) (1994) (unclewilly, hassanchop, gri... Frontier (Bally) (1980) (Ripleyyy, Joe Entropy, Ezepov) (1.0.0).f4v Funhouse (Williams) (1990) (JPSalas) (2.1.1).f4v Future Spa (Bally) (1979) (JPSalas) (1.2.0).f4v Future World (Zaccaria) (1980) (luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v Galaxy (Stern) (1980) (Todd, Martin Brunker) (1.0.7).f4v Genesis (Gottlieb) (1986) (JPSalas) (1.0.1).f4v Genie (Gottlieb) (1979) (vidmouse) (1.0.0).f4v Genie (Gottlieb) (1979) (vidmouse) (NS) (1.0.0).f4v Getaway, The - High Speed II (Williams) (1992) (Noah Fentz, UncleReamus, TnP) (1.... Ghostbusters (Original) (2011) (Bob5453) (2011).f4v Gilligan's Island (Bally) (1991) (Epthegeek, JPSalas) (1.1).f4v Gilligan's Island (Bally) (1991) (epthegeek, rob046) (1.21).f4v Goldeneye (Sega) (1996) (Pingod, UncleReamus, Destruk, The Trout) (1.2).f4v Gorgar (Williams) (1979) (UncleReamus, Noah Fentz) (1.0.3).f4v Grand Lizard (Williams) (1986) (JPSalas, Iceman5000) (1.0.0).f4v Grand Prix (Stern) (2005) (Destruk, pakitt 1) (1.0.0).f4v Grand Prix (Williams) (1976) (rosve) (2.0.1).f4v Grateful Dead (jpsalas, Grizz) (1.0.0).f4v Guns N' Roses (Data East) (1994) (JPSalas, Lord Hiryu, teppotee) (1.1).f4v Harlem Globetrotters On Tour (Bally) (1978) (JPSalas, Iceman5000) (2.1.0).f4v Harlem Globettroters on Tour (Bally) (1979) (JPSalas) (2.3.0).f4v Harley Davidson (Bally) (1991) (JPSalas) (1.0.1).f4v Harry Potter and the Silverball Dream (Original) (2011) (Neo) (1.0.1).f4v Haunted House (Gottlieb) (1982) (JPSalas, koadic, rob046) (1.0.2).f4v Haunted House (Gottlieb) (1982) (JPSalas, rob046) (1.0.2).f4v Hawkman (Taito) (1983) (Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Heavy Metal (Other) (1981) (Destruk, TAB, Maloti, Dox) (1.0.0).f4v He's Dead Jim (Other) (2010) (Tii) (1.0).f4v High Roller Casino (Stern) (2001) (bmiki75) (1.0.2).f4v High Speed (Williams) (1986) (kruge99) (1.0.3).f4v High Speed 2 (Williams) (1986) (Kruge99) (1.0.4).f4v Hit the Deck (Gottlieb) (1978) (JPSalas, Eala Dubh Sidhe) (1.0.0).f4v Hokus Pokus (Bally) (1976) (Sabbat, Montmar3) (1.1.3).f4v Hokus Pokus (Bally) (1976) (Sabbat, Montmar3) (1.1.4).f4v Hoops (Gottlieb) (1991) (TAB, Destruk, Vanblaricom0) (1.0.0).f4v Hot Hand (Stern) (1979) (tamoore, Destruk, Skalar) (1.1).f4v HULK (Original) (2011) (rosve) (1.0.2).f4v Hurricane (Williams) (1991) (TAB, pakitt 1) (1.0.0).f4v Ice Fever (Gottlieb) (1985) (Ichigo, BigBoss, Moogster66) (1.0.0).f4v Incredible Hulk (Gottlieb) (1979) (vidmouse) (1.0.0).f4v Incredible Hulk (Gottlieb) (1979) (vidmouse) (NS) (1.0.0).f4v Independence Day (Sega) (1997) (Nealtron) (1.3).f4v Indiana Jones (Williams) (1993) (destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Indiana Jones (Williams) (1993) (Lord Hiryu) (1.1).f4v Indiana Jones (Williams) (1993) (Lord Hiryu, JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Indianapolis 500 (Bally) (1995) (JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Indianapolis 500 (Bally) (1995) (JPSalas, JimmyFingers) (1.1.1).f4v Jack-Bot (Williams) (1995) (JPSalas) (1.1.0).f4v Jacks Open (Gottlieb) (1977) (pinuck) (2.0.0).f4v Johnny Mnemonic (Williams) (1995) (bmiki75) (1.0.4).f4v Joker Poker (Gottlieb) (1978) (Pinuck, Serpiko) (2.06).f4v Jokerz! (Williams) (1988) (JPSalas) (1.4.5).f4v Judge Dredd (Williams) (1993) (bmiki75) (HR) (1.0.8).f4v Judge Dredd (Williams) (1993) (bmiki75) (LR) (1.0.8).f4v Junk Yard (Williams) (1996) (destruk, mfugemann) (1.3).f4v Jupiter Crush (Original) (2012) (CoxBrian) (1.0.0).f4v Jurassic Park (Data East) (1993) (bmiki75) (1.0.5).f4v King Tut (Bally) (1969) (ASH, Todd) (1.0.7).f4v Kings and Queens (Gottlieb) (1965) (unclewilly) (1.04).f4v Kings and Queens (Gottlieb) (1965) (unclewilly, sast05, Popotte, Grizz) (1.04).f4v Kings of Steel (Bally) (1984) (vidmouse) (1.0.0).f4v KISS (Bally) (1979) (JPSalas) (2.2.0).f4v KnockOut (Bally) (1975) (Ash, Bob5453) (2012).f4v La Retata (A. H. Geiger) (1986) (TAB, Destruk, Todd) (1.0.1).f4v Lady Death (A. H. Geiger) (1984) (JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Laser Cue (Williams) (1982) (Vidmouse) (1.0.0).f4v Last Lap (Playmatic) (1978) (TAB, Destruk, Gaston) (2.0.1).f4v Lectronamo (Stern) (1978) (Destruk, TAB, Skalar, Nedo, Ezepov) (1.0.1).f4v Lethal Weapon 3 (Data East) (1992) (oooPLAYER1ooo) (1.1).f4v L'Hexagone (Other) (1986) (TAB, Destruk) (1.0.1).f4v Lightning (Stern) (1981) (TAB, Todd) (1.0.4).f4v Line Drive (Williams) (1972) (pinuck) (1.0.2).f4v Lord of the Rings, The (Stern) (2003) (JPSalas) (2.3.0).f4v Lord of the Rings, The (Stern) (2003) (JPSalas) (2.4.0).f4v Lord of the Rings, The (Stern) (2003) (MEGAPIN, Iceman5000) (1.4.0).f4v Lost in Space (Sega) (1998) (luvthatapex, Destruk, TAB) (1.0.2).f4v Lost in Space (Sega) (1998) (PinKitty, destruk, TAB) (1.0.0).f4v Lost World (Bally) (1977) (JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Machine Bride Of Pinbot, The (Williams) (1991) (unclewilly) (1.0.2).f4v Magic Castle (Zaccaria) (1984) (luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v Magic Eight (Other) (1980) (TAB) (1.0.0).f4v Mars Attacks (Other) (2010) (Bob5453) (2010).f4v Mars God Of War (Gottlieb) (1980) (CompuFox, luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Sega) (1995) (bmiki75) (1.0.4).f4v Mata Hari (Bally) (1978) (JPSalas, JimmyFingers) (1.01.1).f4v Mata Hari (Bally) (1978) (Scapino, unclewilly) (1.0.0).f4v Maverick (Data East) (1994) (Vidmouse) (1.0.0).f4v Medieval Madness (Williams) (1997) (JPSalas) (2.3.2).f4v Medusa (Bally) (1981) (JPSalas) (1.1.0).f4v Medusa (Bally) (1981) (PacDude, Todd) (1.0.0).f4v Mephisto (Other) (1987) (JPSalas) (1.0.2).f4v Metal Man (Inder) (1992) (JPSalas, Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Meteor (Stern) (1979) (vidmouse) (1.0.0).f4v Mexico 86 (Zaccaria) (1986) (TAB, Destruk, luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v Miss World (A. H. Geiger) (1985) (JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Monopoly (Stern) (2001) (BadBoyBill) (1.0).f4v Monster Bash (Williams) (1998) (unclewilly) (1.1).f4v Motor Show (Other) (1989) (TAB, Destruk, Vanblaricom0) (1.0.0).f4v Mystic (Bally) (1979) (rob046, epthegeek) (1.51).f4v Nascar (Stern) (2005) (TAB, Destruk, Vanblaricom0) (1.0.0).f4v NBA Fastbreak (Williams) (1997) (bmiki75) (2.0.5).f4v NFL (Stern) (1980) (Destruk, pakitt 1) (1.0.0).f4v Night Rider (Bally) (1976) (TAB) (1.0.5).f4v Nine Ball (Stern) (1980) (DesAngel, Plumb, Todd) (1.00.157).f4v No Fear - Dangerous Sports (Williams) (1995) (JPSalas, Grizz, hassanchop) (1.0.0).f4v No Good Gofers (Williams) (1997) (TAB, destruk, Michele) (1.1).f4v Nova (Original) (2010) (starman) (1.0.0).f4v Nugent (Stern) (1978) (TAB, Destruk, Inkochnito) (1.0.0).f4v Paragon (Bally) (1978) (luvthatapex, Bob5453, Pacdude, JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Paragon (Bally) (1979) (kruge99) (1.0.0).f4v Party Zone (Bally) (1991) (JPSalas) (1.2.1).f4v Petaco (Other) (1984) (TAB, Destruk, MRCMRC) (1.0.0).f4v Phantom of the Opera, The (Data East) (1990) (Lord Hiryu) (1.0.0).f4v Pharaoh (Williams) (1981) (TAB, Destruk, Sabbat Moon) (1.1 FS).f4v Pinball Champ (Zaccaria) (1983) (luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v Pinball Pool (Gottlieb) (1979) (unclewilly, popotte) (1.01).f4v Pinbot (Williams) (1986) (unclewilly) (1.0.2).f4v Pink Panther (Gottlieb) (1980) (luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v Pirates Wolves of the Sea (Original) (2012) (JPSalas) (1.0.1).f4v Playboy (Bally) (1978) (Lord Hiryu) (DAMAGED) (1.0.0).f4v Playboy (Bally) (1978) (Lord Hiryu) (NIB) (1.0.0).f4v Police Force (Williams) (1998) (jpsalas, Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Pool Champion (Zaccaria) (1986) (TAB, destruk, luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v Pro Pool (Gottlieb) (1973) (Rosve, Druadic) (1.0.1).f4v Radical! (Bally) (1990) (JPSalas, Grizz, hassanchop) (1.0.1).f4v Rapid Vienna (Original) (2010) (starman, Bob5453) (2011 WS).f4v Red & Ted's Roadshow (Williams) (1994) (JPSalas, bent98, bodydump) (1.0.0).f4v Rescue 911 (Gottlieb) (1994) (Zedonius) (1.0).f4v Rescue 911 (Gottlieb) (1994) (Zedonius, rob046) (2.2.0).f4v Riverboat Gambler (Williams) (1990) (JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Road Kings (Williams) (1986) (TAB, Destruk) (1.0.0).f4v Robot (Zaccaria) (1984) (luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v Robo-War (Gottlieb) (1988) (kevinleedrum) (1.0.0).f4v Rocky (Gottlieb) (1982) (1up, unclewilly) (1.0.0).f4v Roller Disco (Gottlieb) (1980) (Eala Dubh Sidhe, TAB, ta2686, Todd) (1.0.4).f4v Rollergames (Williams) (1990) (Zedonius) (1.3).f4v Rolling Stones (Bally) (1980) (JPSalas) (1.0.1).f4v Rolling Stones 2 (Other) (2010) (JPSalas) (1.0.1).f4v Royal Flush (Gottlieb) (1976) (Grizz, unclewilly, Flying Dutchman) (1.0.2).f4v Royal Flush Deluxe (Gottlieb) (1983) (Grizz, unclewilly) (1.1).f4v Royal Flush Supreme (Gottlieb) (1976) (Grizz, unclewilly) (1.0.0).f4v Royal Flush Supreme (Gottlieb) (1976) (Grizz, unclewilly, Flying Dutchman) (1.0.2... RUSH (Original) (2012) (pinuck) (1.0.0).f4v Rush 2112 (jpsalas, Grizz)(1.0.0).f4v Sabaton (Punish) (1.0).f4v Scared Stiff (Bally) (1996) (JPSalas) (1.4.4).f4v Screech (Inder) (1976) (TAB, Destruk) (2.0.0).f4v Sea Witch (Stern) (1980) (unclewilly, MartinB) (1.0.0).f4v Sea Witch Special Edition (Stern) (1980) (unclewilly, MartinB) (1.0.0).f4v Secret Service (Data East) (1987) (TAB, Destruk, luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v See Saw (Bally) (1970) (Rosve) (1.0.4).f4v Shadow, The (Bally) (1994) (MEGAPIN, Iceman5000) (1.2.0).f4v Sharkey's Shootout (Stern) (2000) (TAB, Destruk, pakitt 1) (1.0.0).f4v Sharpshooter (Gameplan) (1979) (vidmouse) (1.0.0).f4v Silverball Mania (Bally) (1978) (UncleReamus, Noah Fentz) (2.0.0).f4v Simpsons Pinball Party, The (Stern) (2003) (MEGAPIN, unclewilly, kingb33) (1.0.0).f4v Simpsons Pinball Party, The (Stern) (2003) (MEGAPIN, Unclewilly, kingb33, Kodiac,... Simpsons Pinball Party, The (Stern) (2003) (MEGAPIN, Unclewilly, kingb33, Kodiac,... Simpsons, The (Data East) (1990) (Jamin, Vanblaricom0) (1.0.0).f4v Simpsons, The (Data East) (1990) (Javier1515) (1.1).f4v Sinbad (Gottlieb) (1978) (pinuck, kruge99) (1.0.0).f4v Skrillex (Aaron James) (1.1).f4v Sky Kings (Bally) (1973) (Druadic, Rosve) (1.0.0).f4v Skyrocket (Bally) (1970) (Rosve) (1.0.0).f4v Solar Ride (Gottlieb) (1979) (Robair, Satch, obi_wan_john@yahoo.com, Inkochnito, ... Solar Wars (Sonic) (1986) (Destruk, TAB) (1.2.0).f4v Sorcerer (Williams) (1985) (UncleReamus, Noah Fentz) (1.1.0).f4v South Park (SEGA) (1999) (oooPLAYER1ooo) (1.0).f4v Space - 1999 (Original) (2011) (rosve) (1.0.3).f4v Space - 1999 (Other) (2011) (rosve) (1.0.0).f4v Space Gambler (Playmatic) (1978) (TAB, Destruk) (1.0.2).f4v Space Invaders (Bally) (1979) (unclewilly) (1.0.0).f4v Space Rider (A. H. Geiger) (1980) (JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Space Shuttle (Williams) (1984) (melon) (1.02).f4v Spectrum (Bally) (1981) (JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Spiderman (Other) (2010) (Bob5453) (2010a).f4v Spider-Man (Other) (2010) (JPSalas) (1.0.2).f4v Spooky (Zaccaria) (1987) (luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v Star Trek (Bally) (1979) (JPSalas) (1.1.0).f4v Star Trek (Bally) (1979) (UncleReamus) (1.0.0).f4v Star Trek 25th Anniversary (Data East) (1992) (JPSalas, Grizz, Hassanchop, Strang... Star Trek The Next Generation (Williams) (1993) (JPSalas) (1.2.0).f4v Star Wars (Data East) (1992) (JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Stargate (Premier) (1995) (hmueck) (1.3.0).f4v Stars (Stern) (1978) (Luvthatapex, Destruk, Martin Brunker, Ezepov) (1.0.0).f4v Starship Troopers (SEGA) (1997) (pakitt 1) (1.0.0).f4v Stellar Airship (A. H. Geiger) (1980) (TAB, Todd) (1.0.3).f4v Stingray (Stern) (1977) (TAB, Todd) (1.0.1).f4v Strange Science (Bally) (1986) (TAB, Destruk, Todd) (1.0.4).f4v Strange World (Gottlieb) (1978) (JPSalas) (1.0.5).f4v Street Fighter II (Gottlieb) (1993) (teppotee) (1.3).f4v Strikes and Spares (Bally) (1978) (The Trout, unclewilly) (1.0.0).f4v Super Mario Bros. (Gottlieb) (1992) (1up, unclewilly) (1.2.0).f4v Super Soccer (Gottlieb) (1975) (Leon Spalding, tamoore) (1.0).f4v Super Star (Briarwood) (1977) (Maceman) (1.0.0).f4v Supergirl (Other) (2010) (Bob5453) (2010a).f4v Superman (Atari) (1979) (vidmouse) (1.1.0).f4v Superman VS Ali (Other) (2010) (Bob5453, Superman, JPSalas) (2010).f4v Tales of the Arabian Nights - Classic (Williams) (1996) (JPSalas, Grizz) (3.4.0).f4v Tales of the Arabian Nights - Enhanced (Williams) (1996) (JPSalas, Grizz) (3.4.0).f4v Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams) (1996) (haddonfield, grizz, JPSalas) (1.0.... Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams) (1996) (JPSalas, Grizz) (3.2.0).f4v Taxi (Williams) (1988) (jpsalas, thewool) (2.1.2).f4v Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Data East) (1991) (TAB, Luvthatapex, vati1, wtiger,... Terminator 2 - Chrome Edition (Williams) (1991) (Noah Fentz, UncleRemuz,Tipoto) (... Terminator 2 - Chrome Edition (Williams) (1991) (Tipoto, UncleReamus, Noah Fentz)... Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (Williams) (1991) (Lurch, el_timbo86, Unclewilly, Noa... Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (Williams) (1991) (Zedonius) (2.0).f4v Theatre of Magic (Bally) (1995) (JPSalas) (2.1.1).f4v Theatre of Magic (Bally) (1995) (JPSalas, Koadic) (2.1.1).f4v Theatre of Magic (Bally) (1995) (JPSalas, unclewilly) (NM) (2.0.2).f4v Three Stooges, The (Original) (2010) (Bob5453) (2010a).f4v Three Stooges, The (Original) (2011) (Bob5453) (2011).f4v Tiger Rag (Bell Games) (1984) (TAB, Luvthatapex, Inkochnito, Todd) (1.1.3).f4v Time Machine (Data East) (1988) (JPSalas) (1.0.1).f4v Time Zone (Bally) (1973) (rosve) (2.0.1).f4v TMNT (Original) (2011) (StevOz) (1.0.1).f4v TOTAN (Williams) (1996) (JPSalas, unclewilly, kingb33) (NM) (1.0.0).f4v TOTAN (Williams) (1996) (JPSalas, unclewilly, kingb33) (NM) (2.1.0).f4v TOTAN (Williams) (1996) (JPSalas, unclewilly, kingb33) (NM) (3.1.0).f4v Totem (Gottlieb) (1978) (luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v Trailer (Playmatic) (1985) (MRCMRC) (1.0).f4v Trident (Stern) (1979) (Destruk, Martin Brunker, Ezepov) (1.0.0).f4v Triple Strike (Williams) (1975) (Rawd) (1.4.3).f4v Twilight (Aaron James) (1.0).f4v Twilight Zone (Bally) (1993) (MEGAPIN, unclewilly, Kingb33) (1.2).f4v Twister (Sega) (1996) (pakitt 1) (1.0.0).f4v Ultimate Spiderman (Other) (2010) (Bob5453) (2011).f4v Vampire (Bally) (1971) (CompuFox, Sabbat Moon) (1.0.0. FS.f4v Vegas (Gottlieb) (1990) (Lupopt) (1.0.0).f4v Viking (Bally) (1979) (PacDude, kruge99) (1.0.0).f4v Viper Night Drivin' (Sega) (1998) (Destruk, pakitt 1) (1.0.0).f4v Viper Night Drivin' (Sega) (1998) (Zedonius) (0.95).f4v Volcano (Gottlieb) (1981) (PinKitty, PataTroX) (1.0.0).f4v Vortex (Taito) (1983) (Dox, Maloti, Destruk, Ezepov) (1.0.0).f4v VP Music Template (Original) (2012) (Destruk, Black, JPSalas, Shooby Doo) (1.0.2).f4v Whitewater (Williams) (1993) (JPSalas, Grizz, Noah Fentz) (1.0.0).f4v Whitewater (Williams) (1993) (jpsalas, Grizz, Noah Fentz) (1.1.1).f4v Who Dunnit (Bally) (1995) (Joxer, Kid Charlemagne, Destruk, The Trout) (1.3).f4v Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard, The (Data East) (1994) (Lord Hiryu, Dup3d) (1.0.1).f4v Who's Tommy, The (Data East) (1994) (Lord Hiryu) (1.0.0).f4v Wild Schuetz (A. H. Geiger) (1981) (TAB, Todd) (1.0.0).f4v Wipe Out (Gottlieb) (1993) (TAB, Destruk, Cameron) (1.0.1).f4v Wizard (Bally) (1975) (rosve) (2.0.1).f4v World Cup Soccer 94 (Bally) (1994) (bmiki75) (1.0.5).f4v World Cup Soccer 94 (Bally) (1994) (LupoPT) (1.0.0).f4v World Cup Soccer 94 (Bally) (1994) (Michele, Destruk) (1.0.1).f4v Wrath of Olympus (Alvin G) (2012) (jpsalas, T-800) (1.0.0).f4v Xenon (Bally) (1980) (unclewilly) (1.1).f4v X-Files, The (Sega) (1997) (JPSalas) (1.0.1).f4v Zaccaria Ski Jump (Zaccaria) (1977) (Luvthatapex, Desturk, JPSalas) (1.0.0).f4v Zankor (Atari) (2009) (TAB, Destruk, luvthatapex) (1.0.0).f4v Zone Fury (Original) (2012) (Neo) (1.0.1).f4v Total 0 folder(s); 424 file(s) Total files size: 2978 MB Click here to view the article
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